Crazy Week!

Today we had early release - THANK THE GOOD LORD.

This week has been KILLING me!! Not only are my kids crazy at school, but my A had a HIGH fever for two days, and then B was throwing up  (all over me, mind you), I'm EXHAUSTED from stupid Daylight Savings time, I had my observation Monday (which I don't care about except my stupid, I've been waking up like an hour LATE every morning this week. AND today was picture day on an early release (when our schedules are changed up anyways) and MY picture guy/line was so backed up, it went into our activity time, so I didn't get my planning time - GAH!!!!
It's just CRAZY. 


Remember when I told you in my visual plans post that I was going to do an activity from my Deck of Cards pack for my observation? Well, it was the 1/10/100 more and less activity. My kids ROCKED it! BUT, I did have about three kids who were kind of struggling, which was perfect because then she could see I do my small groups. While I had those three in the back with me, they other kids finished their paper and went to their centers. So I worked in small group and 2/3 of my kids got it pretty quickly. 

But I had one that was still struggling a little, so we worked 1-on-1. AND I got to bust out my manipulatives. SCORE! lol. But let me tell you, she got it! I was so STOKED! And two days later, when I gave her the district assessment and there were 2 questions on the test doing this, she ACED it! (haha - pun intended). I am SOOOO proud of her!!

AND we've been doing my St. Patty Centers (see bottom of post) and they're doing the Label It! Center - and they have to draw a scene and write a caption.  HEHE....look at this one. I just love this kid. 

SO, since we had early release today, I was diligently working during my extra time (which is only like an hour..but whatever, I'll take it), and I started planning for next week - and tonight I just whipped up this bad boy!

It goes along with Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato

Here's what it includes....

Story Structure with B, M, E
Summarizing with Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Finally
Writing out a summary
Rubric for Summarizing
Character Trait
Problem and Solution (cut and paste activity, or student chooses a problem and solution)
Text connection writing activity
Rubric for Text Connection
Alternate Ending writing activity
Rubric for Alternate Ending
Story Evaluation
Pictionary booklet
Vocabulary Cards

You can check it out HERE

And here are my other St. Patrick's Day activities:

OK, I must go and veg in front of the boob-tube.


I had to deactivate my old Marshmallow Math, and reupload it (there were techy-glitches) SO, if you had it in your wishlist, that link isn't working anymore...

Click the pic to get to the new posting - and if you bought it before, no need to buy this one - it's the exact same!


Special Teacher for Special Kids said...

This looks great. I pinned it for you and for me too! I have this book but wasn't sure if it was good for my kiddos. I am going to head over to your store and look at it. I am not sure why I never grabbed that deck of cards resource from you when it was cheaper. :( but it has made it's way to my wishlist.

Thanks for sharing. Hope you are enjoying your boob tube!
:o) V.
Special Teacher for Special Kids

Pat's Paper Passion said...

I have a question about your observation...liked the setup of your it Marzano or Danielson?

We've adopted Marzano AND if yours is adapted from his work, I'm wondering if I could revise yours for myself.


Sarah Paul said...

I love that book! Your pack looks fabulous. You have so many great St. Patty's Day activities! Love it!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Kristin said...

Let's see.
You're tired, but you whipped up a packet in one day.
I hate you.
But I really love you.
Your new pack looks awesome and I love the Playing Cards pack!

Unknown said...

Hi Jen!
Sounds like you rocked your observation! Glad you got off early today...we all need an early release day!
I'm your newest follower!

Jessica @ Wild About Firsties

Jennifer said...

Woohoo for your little one "getting" it! I love it when they get it! Especially when an administrator sees it all! Your packets look great!

Rowdy in First Grade

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