March 4th Visual Lesson Plans

This week, I have so much fun stuff to show you! the picture of the plans (or click HERE), and it'll take you to a PDF document to download...when you download the PDF, you can click on all the pictures and links to take you where you can find all the activities (TpT, blogposts, websites, or Freebies!)

I'm starting my author study on Robert Munsch this week (it'll last for about 2 weeks).
He is SOOO super fun to read! He's really one of my favorites... and the best part?? You can listen to him read ALL of his books - he is the BEST reader! 
On his website, you can listen to every book!

Last week, I learned that the majority of my kids have never flown a kite - sooooo.....
this week, I'm bringing in a kite, and HOPEFULLY (PLEASE let there be wind!), we will go fly a kite! And then we're going to do Lori's How to fly a kite from her year of how-to writing pack!

We're also doing activities from my OUCH! words pack I just updated.

Monday we're going to be doing my Fish Math - which I use with Dr. Seuss's celebration - it's one of my kids' FAVORITE activities to do every year....and I thought of it one year when I was stealing sharing Autumn's snack....ha!

And I'm SUPER excited because I have TEN people on their multiplication facts quizzes - which is MORE THAN HALF MY CLASS!!! That means more than half my class has passed their addition and subtraction...yes!

I have 2 kids that are almost finished with multiplication and they think they're going to be DONE! hahaha!!! Oh, my little friends...I have SO much more for you!
That's why I love these packs - because my class is SO differentiated!

AND, we're going on a field trip this week, and our administration requires that we do something academic about it when we get back - soooo.....
LOOK what I found - and it's from one of my favorite sellers - Denise!

And we're starting magnets here soon - so I'm going to start with Brain Pop (of course)
and then do the activities that come in this book

Reading centers are a hodgepodge - Reading A to Z, All About Kites, My money pack, Courtney's Treasures units (I own them all1), and my Ouch! words pack...
Make sure you snag the Main Idea Kite FREEBIE in the plans!

And we'll be doing a lot of activities from my new Math with a Deck of Cards pack....

I posted about this last night.... and it's still on sale (until tonight!)... AND while I was laying in bed this morning, waking up, I remembered FOUR MORE activities we do with cards, so added them today!

So now there are FOURTEEN centers in it!
I added:
Adding 3 Numbers
Balancing equations
Repeated addition
multiplication arrays
War (comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, fractions)

I've already gotten some good feedback on it - one of my favorites is this one!

Thank you!! It makes me smile to know that you guys out there can use my stuff!!

So, I leave you with my favorite pics of the week.....

Giggles make the world go 'round!!

This is one of my new FAVORITE pictures - spending time with my girl!

And my little Autumn is going to be the girl in your class who dresses herself to go to school - Autumn style 101!


Unknown said...

Your girls are so cute! Thanks for mentioning my Treasures packs. I love your visual plans!

Swimming into Second

Unknown said...

I love your visual plans they are great. I'm always interested to see what other teachers are using in their classrooms. I love the Robert Munsch site. I have several of his books but didn't recognize the author name :-( Great Job!

Unknown said...

I love seeing your visual plans. It makes them so easy to do!

You have beautiful girls...and your Autumn...dresses herself like my Jessi Rose. They seem to have a similar style.

Mrs. B's Nook

Unknown said...

Yeah, got the math pack while it's still on sale! This will make my math tubs much more fun (and easy for me) this week. Love your idea about getting the cards from the cruise ships. Which ships do you get them from? I'm sailing on the Carnival Breeze out of Miami on the 16th. Although I'll try hard not to think about school I'll be sure to visit the casino and see if I can get some cards for my class. Thanks for all your hard work!

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