Geometry and 1st Grade Common Core

Sorry I've been MIA all week. It was such a BUSY week - in AND out of school....
I just haven't had time to blog...

We've had family night

AND one of my best friend's baby shower is today, so I've been making her present all week....

AND then the Mr. went to the store the other day, and on his way back to the car (mind you, he had both girls), a lady came up to him with this cat carrier and basically shoved these kitties at him! lol. 
I've always been a cat lover, but my cat passed RIGHT before A learned to crawl. So I just said that we wouldn't get cats until we were finished having kids and they were old enough to know better than to stay out of the litter box....
Well, looks like we might become cat owners again. No one seems to want to take these babies off our hands, and we don't have the heart to take them to a shelter.

Well, here is SOME fun we did this We've been working through my 2-D Geometry pack this week.

We were going through different shapes - this was a hexagon, and then she was like....LOOK! I can make a skate! ha!

And this hexagon and triangle make a face....she did inform me that the eyes were NOT polygons though, which, of course, I loved that she knew that! lol

AND, I somehow was able to get the 1st grade Common Core Gradebook finished.

The "I Can" statements are coming soon!


Jennifer said...

LOVE the skate from your student! What a smartie! And I have a hard time resisting kittens- any cute animal really. But hubs revealed he wants a puppy! OH YEAH! What are you going to name those cute babies?

Rowdy in First Grade

Suzy Q said...

Glad to hear all is well and you are just busy...I've missed you! (Your letters were at school when we went back, but I haven't even handed them out...we had a crazy week, too.)

Those kitties are adorable! How can you resist those little faces? Two summers ago my niece volunteered to socialize the kittens at the first they would let us have only one, but we worked our way up to five. We rocked!

Unknown said...

Love the pack!
First Grade Blue SKies

The Polished Teacher said...

Oh.My.Goodness those faces! How could anyone resist! I want that little orange kitty! Beyond cute! Keep posting pictures if you keep them! They are so cute!


Sara said...

Those kitties are the CUTEST!

Primary Buzz

Sarah Paul said...

Your family night looks like fun. I still love ski bowl I think that's what it's called- close enough). :)
THose kittens are too cute! I think you were meant to have them. I'll be using your geometry unit here in a few weeks. Can't wait!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Kristen said...

ohhh...I'm more of a dog person but I could NOT resist those sweet faces for a minute! I'm so glad they are safe with you. The girls must love them!

Anonymous said...

Noticed the geo boards in your post & was wondering if you were aware of the FREE app for the iPad titled geoboard. I used it today with one student and it worked well.

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