Money and Pizza Roll Ups!

Sorry, I'm breaking the rules...hope you don't mind :)

But I wanted to share my new project for the day.
(P.S...Hubs and I had some great down time rocking in the rocking chairs on the front porch.... just so you know, I DID relax

This is my Differentiated Money Pot unit!
I can you do St. Patty's Day without doing money? ha!

These math centers are broken into 3 tiers and are organized by pictures.

T1: Up to 50 cents, T2: up to a dollar, and T3: using dollars AND coins.

First grade can use them...and if you have high ones that are ready for more!

Perfect for 2nd grade,

and I taught 3rd for so long, that I KNOW they still need the help in money! lol

Click the pick to check them out - it's only $1 :)

Ok, now for my first recipe of the few that I want to share...

The picture is not pretty, but I promise these are YUMMY!

It's Pizza roll-ups!

I asked A what she wanted for lunch one day and she said pizza...well, we didn't have any, so I made these up! lol

All you need is a can of crescent rolls (yes, I, some sauce, cheese, and I added pepperoni! 
Although I will say, it was harder to roll with the pepperoni, but the yumminess from them was worth it - ha!

I am so sorry, I don't have pix for the during to show you how, but my camera was on the wrong setting the entire time!! I blame the

Unroll the package of rolls and "roll" them with a rolling pin, making sure all the creases are sealed closed. So you will have a big rectangle in front of you, facing longways.
Put a thin coat of sauce, the cheese, and if you want, pepperoni.
Roll them up, so you have a LONG log.

Then, cut in the middle, then cut each of those halves in half and those in half, so you will end up with 8 same-sized roll-ups.

Put them on a pan and bake as directed on the can.

P.S...the next day, I took the leftovers out of the fridge and ate them cold - still YUMMY! lol

I've decided to share the Reader's Theater with you...not ALL of them right now, I'll keep giving them to you throughout the have quite a few. :) But I have some Seuss ones...I just need to change the font/size and get them out of Word..ugh, HATE word. So maybe tomorrow I'll have them for you.

AND because I LOVE Mardi Gras, (seriously, I used to go every year when my old BF lived right outside's just so much history and traditions! Loved the parades, and the King cake with the baby!), tomorrow I'm hosting a Mardi Gras dinner with some I'll share those yummy recipes too. And I still have my sneaky cookies I wanna share with you too. Yeesh!


Rebecca said...

Those rollups look seriously awesome!

Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

Love the differentiated money centers, my kiddos definitely need help with this! P.S. I am tempted to send the hubs out to buy the ingredients of those yummy pizza rolls right now...hehe :)

Lisa :)
Made In The Shade In Second Grade

Ali said...

I make pizza rolls all the time!! They are delicious! You can really stuff crescents rolls with so much. I also do a buffalo chicken roll up...also yummy :)

My students love reader's theater. Thanks so much for sharing!

What happens in kindergarten... lasts a lifetime

Jessica Laurine said...

Can't wait for the Mardi Gras recipes! I've gone to New Orleans the past two years for Mardi Gras and it is a wild time!

The Littlest Scholars

Ms. Chrissy B said...

Love your money unit! So clever!
And now I'm starving for pizza rolls. *drool*
Buzzing with Ms. B

Cupcake said...

Mmm now I'm hungry! Thanks for sharing! I *love* crescent rolls! I make little sandwiches with cold cuts and crescent rolls.. yummy!

A Cupcake for the Teacher

Unknown said...

I just found your blog and started following! It is great!

Glitter and Glue

Kelley Cirrito said...

Miss over-achiever!! Love the new unit and I am still waiting to come over so you can cook me dinner!! :)

Kristin said...

Love the money stuff!!!!
I am hungry. For pizza roll ups. We may have to add dinner to our breakfast togethers.
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Melanie Conger said...

Love the money centers! Thanks for making differentiating so easy.

First Grade Brain Sprinkles

Unknown said...

Your center look GREAT!!!! Can't wait to see the Mardi Gras dinner your hosting tomorrow. I was just looking for a Dr. Seuss RT today and couldn't find any. Will be checking in tomorrow :)

❤ Mor Zrihen from...
A Teacher's Treasure
Teaching Treasures Shop

Busy Bees said...

Love your money stuff. I love any thing with crescent rolls! Yum!

SunnyDays said...

What's for lunch tomorrow?
I'll be over around 12:00, lol!

Sunny Days In Second Grade

Traci Clausen said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so hungry. Your pizza roll ups looks sooo good.

Money is by far my LEAST favorite thing to teach. So tough.
Dragonflies in First

Miss S. said...

Thanks so much for blogging about our giveaway! I really appreciate it! Oh and shhhh! Don't tell I was drinking soda in front of the computer. And don't tell I spit it all over the keyboard while laughing at michelle's post. I couldn't help myself. Ahhh... I am such a dork!
Anyways, thanks again, love ya!
Jaana(Miss S)

Jeffreymlzu said...

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