Winners and a Sale!

Thank you to everyone who "entered" my Roll a Lorax Giveaway yesterday!! I picked the winners...
it was EVERYONE!

haha! I was feeling like everyone was giving me great reasons - and I didn't want lucky #1 to not be, so I just gave it to everyone who entered.  So check your emails, you should have it! But there were a few people who didn't leave their emails, and I couldn't respond via email because they STILL haven't set up their blogger to let me respond via email! You can see how by checking out THIS post! :) If you were one of these people, leave me a comment with your email - and I'll get it to you! No cheating...I still have those comments in my email - ha!

In other news...have you heard about the Leap Year Sale that TpT is throwing??

They are giving you a coupon code to get 10% off you purchases, and A LOT of people will be putting their stores on sale for 20% off, so that's like 28% off - perfect for Leap Year! lol! Make sure you enter the code to get the extra 10% off....

So head on over to my store and start making your lists! hehe

You can stock up on my Dr. Seuss stuff....

or even get ready for St. Patty's day!

Ok, so let's talk Dr. Seuss.....
I realize that his Birthday is THIS coming Friday. And NORMALLY, I'd do a week long event the week of...BUT...not this year.
Since it's my first week back, I'm not going to "waste" all my AND YOUR fabulous Seuss stuff on a week where I'm trying to get reacclamated, as well as my students. SO, I am going to start it on Friday, then do it all next week...and it works out perfectly, because that is a "review" week in our reading series, so I can pretty much do whatever...hehe.

Alright y''s Sunday - guess that means it's back to "Sunday Plan Day!"

Tomorrow is going to be HECTIC in the morning...OF COURSE hubs has to work, so I have to take the girls to their babysitter (which is in the OPPOSITE direction from work), THEN I have to get to work (late because of dropping off girls), figure out where my kids are so I can quick plan for the day...OH, let's not forget that I have about 3-4 bags of stuff, a FABulous wreath (from Kelley that I won), and my chair that I am taking with me! I hope my kids aren't planning on learning too much! I'm just hoping my sub was nice to me and set up my room and board for the usual Monday morning routines!

Okie Dokie...see y'all tomorrow! Even if I just pop in to tell you I survived! lol

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Unknown said...

Good luck on your first day back tomorrow!!

Grow Up Learning
Grow Up Learning Facebook Page

Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

Good Luck Tomorrow!!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Jennifer said...

Good Luck on your first day back tomorrow!!!

I can't believe I missed your giveaway yesterday! I am going to have to read more closely.

The First Grade Dream

Ali said...

Good luck on your first day back tomorrow!! I'm sure your students will be so excited to see you!!

An Education Lasts a Lifetime

Kelley Cirrito said...

Hey Jen! I am having a giveaway to TpT! Come over and check it out! Good luck with tomorrow! You will do great and I bet the kids miss you bunches!

Kristen said...

Good luck tomorrow Jen!! I hope everything goes nice and smoothly on your first day back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the instructions on how to set up email commenting on Blogger! I never knew you could do that - I'm all set up now.

What I really would like is for Blogger to let me change the email address I sign in with. I hate having multiple emails for one service!! If you happen to know how to do that, I'd love to hear how :)

Oh, my email for the giveaway is swfathome @ gmail . com



Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

Good luck tomorrow!

I'm sure you will do just fine!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Barbara said...

Good luck on your first day/week back, Jen! I hope it's not too crazy:)

Grade ONEderful

Miss S. said...

WHAT!!! I was off the computer for a day and I managed to miss a LORAX giveaway! NOT FAIR!
Hey can you email me your address... I have something to send you.. cuz you are the best!
Miss S

Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

You're too cute! Now that you're going back to work, are you wishing you had a little more time off??? LOL!

Good luck tomorrow & hope everything goes smoothly (-; &&& thanks for the freebie..

The 3AM Teacher

Gladys said...

I hope your day tomorrow is full of smiles and fun times. :)

Kristin said...

Did someone forget to tell me their blog look changed?? Did I miss something! I LOVE it!
Thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

Have a great day back tomorrow! Love the new blog look!
Stories From Second

Delighted said...

Well shoot! I missed that one! I absolutely love your blog. Good luck tomorrow and don't forget to take a moment to breath.

First Grade Delight

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