More Seuss!!

Are you tired of my obSEUSSion yet?? lol!!

Since I'm all into my Seuss them now....I've started my next craft:

I'm so excited to show it to you when it's finished!! OF COURSE it's Seuss-themed :)

I've also finished my Dr. Seuss rocking chair...kind of. We bought this ugly green, worn down rocking chair from a garage sale for like $10 (I needed one anyway since I don't have a chair in my room..I used to, but then the friend that was letting me borrow moved, so she took it - darn her! ha!)

I sanded it and painted it white and changed the seat cover to a bumpy black fabric and painted some red accents on it...I want to put some saying on it, but I have to wait until we get our Cameo...which is soon!!! yay!!! (thank you, tax season! lol)

AND I bought some ribbon for my friend to make me a bow for Seuss week!! She and her daughter (who's in my class) have gotten into making I need one for Seuss week :)
Check out B's bow for the day...hehehe

Back on Seuss-Track

Here are the Dr. Seuss Sentence Scramble winners!

Rachel - give me your email :)

I've also worked for like TWO days straight on my new item...

It's Fry's first 600 phrases - Dr. Seuss style :)

Not only do you get the flashcards broken up into the six different sets, but I gave you the option of turning it  into a game with a card that says "You've been caught playing while your mother is out!" hehe!! You know?? from The Cat in the Hat?? lol

I thought this would be easier to make than it was...but ummm....I guess I was confused because I ASSUMED there would be 100 phrases in each 100 Phrase me. WHAT was I thinking?!?! I've never actually counted them when I've been given hard copies, so I DEFinitely learned something new. I put it up for sale for $1. Not too shabby. :)

I have plain ones too, if you want those, you can grab those {HERE}. It's a zip file...each set is it's own file.

Ok, that's it :)

oh wait!
Here's another blog to go check out - she's a cutie too!!


OH!!!! Last thing....and this one is a BIGGY!!!! (see the BIG print, people! lol)

So does anyone else think that NOW the "type this word so we know you aren't a robot" thingy is REALLY annoying!!! There are TWO words now and it takes me like 5 times to get it right! Ugh! should get rid of it!! lol

PLUS, you'll probably get more comments if people don't have to do the word verification thingy! :)

Ok, I HAVE to catch up on my blog stalking!! I'm seriously does that happen!?  It's gonna get even worse when I go back to work. :P


Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bow!! I have never been able to make them but my cousin is amazing at stuff like that! Soo cute!

I am also loving your obSEUSSion...LOL that's a good one...hehehe

Too bad you don't live close...I can paint just about any mural on any surface (well, except for that popcorn texture on really old houses). I love painting old wood furniture - it's therapeutic!


The 3AM Teacher

Jennifer said...

I agree the "type this word" thingy is REALLY annyoing! Sometimes I have to type it two or three (or even five) times to get it right. I just got rid of it on my blog!

The First Grade Dream

The Colorful Apple said...

Oh that "I'm not a robot" word thingy is driving me crazy! My IPad isn't a fan either. It always tries to change it to a real word.

I just started following Awesome in 1st too - great blog! It wouldn't let me comment on her posts though...weird.

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

I have Seuss obsession too. And the 3 Am Teacher fueled the fire lol :)

I dislike the 2 word thing and I agree that it should be gone. I removed it but still don't have that many comments hahaha.

Oh well, the comments I do get I treasure!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Fitbecky said...

I love the bows! I've always wanted to try making them. I also agree with the comments thingy! I jumped on that one to change my blog settings a while back too. Love your Dr. Seuss stuff too!

2nd Grade Rocks!

test said...

What a cutie!!! My little one has the exact same bow! Except it looks rather tiny on her toddler head. :)

Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

Kristin said...

I HATE the new word verification thing!!!!!! I was totally thinking the same thing!!! GRRRRRR.
B is too cute - love her bow!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Delighted said...

What a cutie! Love the bow. I just give up on the word verification after one try! It is awful!!!!!

First Grade Delight

Traci Clausen said...

I've always wondered how to make those bows! As always, your little one is just too precious!

The verification thingy is for the birds. Hate it.
Dragonflies in First

Unknown said...


Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

Hey girl! Check out my shout out...LOL..

Love ya!

The 3AM Teacher

Melanie Conger said...

Oooh! A Dr. Seuss bow will be fab! I'm searching for the perfect Dr Seuss shirt for RAA week!

First Grade Brain Sprinkles

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