Halloween Day!

Halloween Day!!!

First off, let me say, YES, I KNOW!! I'm a day late and a dollar short!  My plan was to post after I put baby girl to bed last night after trick-or-treating, BUT alas, my plans were foiled...I was up until 2 a.m. taking care of my SICK SICK SICK baby....LUCKILY daddy was home (he's a firefighter so sometimes he's gone for 24 hours), so it made life a lot easier...well, as easy as you can get when your baby is THAT sick....but she is doing MUCH better today. Freak bug I guess. But you know what?? With only 3 hours of sleep, AND it was the day AFTER Halloween, I think it was a pretty darn great day today! My kiddos are such an awesome bunch. 

Secondly, Halloween was NOT mayhem in my class this year?!? SAY WHAT? I know!!!

I think it really has to do with keeping them so BUSY with the FABulous activities I bought from Made From 1st Grade. It all surrounds the book, Harriet's Halloween Candy. And we only did a FRACTION of what's inside their activity unit!
Get it at her TPT store!

First we talked about summarizing.....did a little accordian foldable :) I spent a great deal of time teaching the kids to summarize each part of the beginning, middle, and end. Because you KNOW how they love to tell the whole story!!

THEN it was time to dig into the bags of candy waiting for them....these pictures are the students having a GREAT time sorting through their candy.

ummm....let me tell you. I did NOT think I was going to have to explain what types of candies were chocolate and which ones were not. I also had to explain what clear vs. solid wrappers were and what foil was!! Wow - I'm always amazed at what I learn I have to do back down in 2nd grade. But, it taught them some GREAT math skills!  And, they also had a difficult time coming up with their own way to sort the candy....that only required TWO groups. They came up with sorting the candy by colors, but that gave them like six piles, and then they realized they couldn't do that...and they were STUMPED!! What other possible ways could you sort them??? I LOVE IT!!! Lots of critical thinking!!

AND at the end of the day, our Kindergartners had their Literacy day parade. I WISH I could show you some of their outfits...but I can't :( SO, instead, I will show you some of my FAVORITE people who are Kinder teachers....
Mrs. Salas and Mrs. Shelley!! 
Aren't they SUPER cute?!?
I know you can guess what Mrs. Salas is (on the left)...but can you guess who Mrs. Shelley is??? (LOVE IT! lol) 

And yes, it rained ALL day on Halloween...so no recess or PE for the students that day! But I'm tellin' ya - my kids are so awesome, I didn't even know it was Halloween!!

I'm so excited to show you what we've been doing with pumpkins starting today!! My kids are having a blast!


Buzzin' on Cupcakes in 1st Grade! said...

I just gave you the Blogs on Fire Award. Thanks for inspiring me. Please share 7 things about yourself and pass the award on.

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Jen R said...

OMGosh! Thank you!! I will definitely be responding to this tomorrow! :)

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