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Ok, so I thought I'd take a break from the holiday posting and share with you a little bit of how I do my behavior system. I've seen a lot of those clip charts with green on top and such. In fact, a lot of our teachers at our school do it...from Kinder all the way to 6th! Wow!
But I wanted to show you what I do. I learned this from my intern teacher almost 10 years ago...and I've added some things to it that I've liked from others along the way. I have used it for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade!

It started off A LOT differently than what I have it as now...and what made the biggest change???? The fact that my copies were now counted and restricted Being a teacher who is constantly reflecting and evolving her ways....soooo.....Here is what it is now.....

Each week, my students get and index card. They use a ruler to measure out exactly 1" sections - one for each day of the week (look at that - they are using some math skills too!). They label each day of the week on it, and put their name on the back.  Throughout the week, they get stamps for being extra-awesome, or if like the whole class is magically doing something awesome when I look up, then by golly, the whole class gets a stamp on their card!! They can also earn hole-punches...this is for not bringing back their homework, or not behaving properly. With each hole, they earn time off their recess (I know - it's terrible, but it's really the only thing I have to barter with them)

On Friday, we use their cards to earn prizes.

For each day they DON'T have a hole punch, they can get a tab (don't worry, you'll see what a tab is in a few...) AND for each stamp they can earn a tab. The reason I like this system is because even if you don't have a student who likes to shine, but is always doing well, they get a chance to get rewarded at the end of the week too, with all of their days that don't have a hole punch.
So....let's look at some cards from some of my students from last week...

This student got 4 tabs. One for Thursday for not getting any hole punches (Friday doesn't count because we didn't have school), one for the stamp on Wednesday, and two for the two stamps on Thursday. 

This student got TEN tabs...4 for M-Th because there were no hole punches, 2 for the stamps on Wednesday, and 4 for the stamps on Thursday. And if you are wondering...yes, they have to tell me how many's more math added in!

And this student got 6 tabs...1 for M, W, and Th (there are hole punches on T, so no tab for that day!), and then 1 for the stamp on Wednesday, and 2 for the stamps on Th. 

And here is what I mean by Tabs....
 It's just a piece of square paper that they put their number on...all of the tabs go into a bucket, and we "shake, shake, shake!" I pull 10 tabs out....and they get to choose either their job of choice for the next week or a piece of candy...I've done, in previous years, time on the computer (no time for that anymore!), lunch with teacher (can't do that anymore since we have to save all of our closed lunch trays for special times in the year - don't get me started on our cafeteria lady), and reading with our media specialist (she's got classes almost all day now, so that doesn't work either).

Here is how I post them as I pull them....the dots by their numbers show how many times I pull their tab. Then we talk about Probability....How many tabs did you have versus how many times did I pull your tab (type thing).

And here is a shot of how my jobs are's Pinterest inspired. I'm not sure from where because my amazing friend sent me a pic of it and so I created :)

The people who are "off-duty) go on the strip below..and the baggie contains all the numbers that we don't have at that time. We only have 14 students right now - wowwy!! That's REALLY unheard of, but my room has been a revolving door - seriously - in a 2 week span, I gained and lost 4 people (they were the same people too!!)

Ok..did that all make sense?? No?? Let me know if you have any questions!


Barbara said...

Hi Jen. Wow! I'm impressed with your management system. I don't have anything like that. It's more about me saying "I love how you're all working so quietly" or "you've made a poor choice. You owe me some recess time if things don't improve." Ha ha, good ol recess. You were asking me about my running page. It's on my same grade one blog. The tab is at the top beside "Home" but maybe I should put a link in with the pic. Hope you can find it now:) Glad to hear you're a runner too. AND Happy Pregnancy :)
Grade ONEderful

Stacy said...

WOW! That is a GREAT idea! I am new to the blogging world, came across yours, and now I will be forever addicted, err..following! Thanks for being an awesome inspiration!
2nd Grade Paradise

Pam said...

Sounds like a great idea! Where do you have the students keep their cards so that they are readily accessible (for stamping, punching, etc.) and so that they don't get "lost" ?? :)

Unknown said...

You will be running in no time! Have you splurged on a jogging stroller? I hate it when those ultrafit moms almost pass me up with their strollers...ha ha

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