Feeling Loved and Christmas books!

So today looked like this.....

I mean, how BEE-A-UUUUUU-TEE-FUL is this? It was 70 degrees outside, perfect clear blue sky, and breezy - YES! This is when I am IN LOVE with Florida!

Today was my "surprise" baby shower, given to me by my FAB-U-LOUS 2nd grade team! I just love them! I say it was a surprise because it was....until my friend's daughter who is in our VPK at school runs into me and says, "Miss Jen - they are having a surprise for you today!" hahahaha! I just love her :)
I was really overwhelmed by how everyone came out to help celebrate my daughter (who FINALLY has a name!! She's going to be Brooklynn Wynter). The 2nd child always gets less attention than the first - especially if it's the same gender as the first - because you already have everything you need, right? lol. But my school is SO fabulous! I love them!

Isn't this the cutest?? It was the cake topper :)
 Then, because it was so beautiful outside, we had to go visit Daddy at work - so Autumn got ride "captain" in the fire truck. :)

Ok, now onto the school-related stuff :) Sorry, I just had to share our beautiful weather and how much I love my school!

I {SUPER} LOVE doing book Linkies, and TBA is doing a great one - for Christmas!
Christmas Week

Monday was Favorite Books to use - oops... a little late on that one, but better late than never, right??

I have TONS of books that I use during the month for Christmas...(and Hanukkah too!), I don't know how to narrow it down!
One of my all-time faves is ...
This book teaches the real reason for the season - and I did a cute writing activity with my 3rd graders (when I taught 3rd).

Another of my faves is...

Who DOESN'T love Tacky?? Plus, it gets us geared up for Penguin week in January. :)

To help us for our Reindeer week...

But my author study for Decemeber and January is Jan Brett, so it fits fabulous - especially since this week is Gingerbread Man themed week.....I'm sure y'all have seen the amount of  Christmas and Winter books this awesome author has!! If not, seriously - just google it - or you can go onto her site - she has TONS of stuff on her site. 

These are good ones for Hanukkah..

And I really like using this one - with all of our Hispanic students (plus, I lived in Mexico, speak Spanish, and have a love for the Hispanic cultures.)

These are seriously just a handful of the MOUNDS of books I have ready to put out on Thursday for my kiddos - I'll have to take a picture and post it...it would just take me too long to get all the images from amazon. ha!

Don't forge to go to TBA to take a look at all the other blogs who have linked up with their favorites!
Ready, set...{STALK}! lol

Happy Teaching!


Delighted said...

That is the cutest cake topper ever! Absolutely love it! 70 degree weather...yep...I'm jealous!
First Grade Delight

Jen R said...

lol...well, I was WAY jealous during the fall when everyone else up north had BEAUTIFULLY colored trees! lol

Amy said...

Jen, you are the winner of my giveaway!! Pick 3 products off my TpT site that you would like and they're yours! You can email me your choices at amy_146@yahoo.com. Congrats!!!!

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