Pumpkin week finale!

The finale....

During our 100 Book Challenge time (or what I just call "reading time" because my kids read their A.R. books at this time), they always have a skills to look for while they are reading. Today, it was contractions...
and while they were reading, I came up with this pumpkin contraction tree map! lol...last minute creativity ~ it always happens :)
The good thing about having an intern is that I can run up to the front office to use die cuts to make the pumpkins for this activity...ha!
So, after they read, they wrote their contraction on a pumpkin, and then were called up to put it on the correct branch of the tree map :)

Then we finished our Pumpkin Math. I had previously posted about a version I wanted to do (click {HERE} to see that post).
I was originally going to do it this way...

with the word form, expanded form, tallies, subtraction, addition, and ten frames.

BUT, I decided since we have been doing much further in-depth math, that I needed to upgrade the requirements. So they did:
word, expanded, number blocks, addition, subtraction, and money (eek! money?!)
First, they picked their numbers using the "Random Number Generator" hehe - I LOVE calling it that! It's just a deck of cards they pick from. 

Then, they got to work....
yes, that is MY students using resources to figure out how to spell their number words correctly - and NO! I did NOT tell them to do that!! Say WHAT??! I'm tellin' ya - I LOVE this class! lol

Here are some example of the finished product...I'm not going to lie. The Money part was a little difficult for some of my kids because of the dollars, but we just kept making our rounds helping them out, and most of them did great!

Next, we finished up our pumpkin observation activities (see the first 2 pumpkin posts - GREAT ideas that I got from some great blogs!).
This next idea I got from The Inspired Apple.  The kids loved this finale of our pumpkin observation. They were using some GREAT descriptive words.


One of my little ESOL kiddos

AND, I just got an update from First Grade a la Carte for a great activity for my kiddos to do tomorrow. It's pumpkin scrabble! I do this activity with their spelling words, so how great to have them with pumpkin words! Click {HERE} to go to her blog to snag a copy! Tell her I sent ya! :)

Hope you were able to get some good ideas from our pumpkin week! I love hearing about how you use them in your class!

Happy teaching!

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Delighted said...

I wish I would have thought about doing that with numbers on the pumpkins. It is now in my file for next year! Thank you.

First Grade Delight

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