Pumpkin Week, part I

Today we started our pumpkin week...all things pumpkin. MAN, are we off our regularly-scheduled program...ha! But my kids are doing awesome with it!! And we are still learning LOTS of great things that correlate with our skills for the week....and then SOME!
I had to break down the pumpkin book into a few days....there's just not enough time in the day...is there ever???

We started with the sink or float prediction....
Me helping them with the first one - the class was amazed!

Then we worked on the measuring portion of it...

This is how I taught them how to measure the height. 

 Then we weighed it...I was surprised that a lot of my students knew how to read this type of scale!

Then we counted the ribs (which we will later connect to the amount of seeds...that's day 2 though!)

And I taught them a NEW BIG word...CIRCUMFERENCE! lol....my little speechie kids sure did have fun with that one! 

Then, we did an activity that started out as an idea from one of my FAVorite blogs - Swimming Into Second.  She has a freebie to do for the day AFTER Halloween. I had all the GREAT intentions of doing that...BUT when you read my Halloween Day post, you'll know that I DID not have the time to prep for that NOR did I have the stamina to even attempt it...so I quickly made my own "bubble map" with the pumpkin, and we did a review of adjectives (which we did a lot of LAST week with our Witches).

We read, The Bumpy Little Pumpkin. Such a CUTE book - FILLED with adjectives!

And then they did their "Bubble (pumpkin) Maps..

Click {HERE} to get this 

We also started our Five Little Pumpkin ordinals today that was shared by Fun-in-First....I'm excited to show you the finished product tomorrow!

Happy Teaching!

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