I'm NOT thankful Linky!

HAHA! How fun! 
Jennifer (you know...there's a lot of us Jennifers out there..lol)
...over at  First Grade Blue Skies is hosting a NOT thankful linky party..lol

I have listed in an earlier post just SOME of the things I am thankful for (trust me there, there was A LOT MORE!)...
so that has been covered.

There are some things I am NOT thankful for.  
I will limit my list to 5.

1.  clutter....ahhhh!!! And with MY husband and daughter, I have gotten A LOT better with my OCD..lol

2.  slow drivers....I have SERIOUS road rage..lol...ESPECIALLY when there are two cars side by side preventing me from passing.

3.  people who think "teachers have it made with all their vacations..why are you complaining about your salary???" DON'T get me started!

4.  All the stupid ties and straps on things that you buy in boxes...seriously?? It takes like 30 minutes JUST to open the stupid box, THEN I have to clean up all the ties I had to cut off so my daughter doesn't eat them..lol

5. Fine Print!!! stop putting things in fine print!! Just say it - loud and proud! lol...if there's only 1,000 "tickets" available, then make that known - why fine print it?!?!

Ok...that's it.  My top five (that I am thinking of today) 
All this is just in fun..silly humor 
(which has never happened before) lol
Link up below and join in some unthankful fun!


Delighted said...

Don't even get me started on #3 either. lol

First Grade Delight

Unknown said...

Hil-a-rious! I completely agree on the tie things in boxes...drives me nuts!!
Thanks for linking up!!
First Grade Blue SKies

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