Learning with Money!

Here it is - my new baby!

This pack has TONS of activities to get your students working with money!

Coin value sheets - in color and b/w
Student fact sheets with money rubbing - with an option to do them as a student book (my kids love doing books!)
Know Your Coins game boards
Coin and value tree map or flip-foldable
Let's Go Shopping - matching coins to the price
Do I Have Enough - adding coins to decide if they have enough to buy the food
Put 'em In Order - greatest to least or least to greatest
Make a Dollar - with a work mat for centers or an individual mat for independent work
Clip It - clip the clothespin to the game board on the square that matches
I Have, Who Has - two different levels

GO check it out HERE!

I've uploaded one of the centers as a freebie!

Check out my Word’s Worth Freebie to test out one of the centers included in this pack!

Get it for the next 24 hours on sale for 1/2 off!
(sale ends Sunday night at 6:30!)


alawson said...

This looks great!!

Sarah Paul said...

This looks great! I pinned it! :)
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Jane said...

Wow! You've included so many options for teaching this tricky concept.

Thanks -
Learning in the Little Apple
Hope you'll stop to check out the give-a-way I'm having this weekend. :)

Unknown said...

This looks great Jen! I can tell you spent a long time on it!

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Traci Clausen said...

It looks amazing Jen.
Thanks for the freebie!

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