Updated Storms

Next week our story in our reading series is Super Storms. 

I know, I know - but, Jen, you've said you don't DO the reading series! 

You're right. I don't.

BUT, I DO do weather, so I did make a pack to go with the story, because I can actually use the centers in my weather unit outside of the reading series.

WELL, I went to get the pack to get ready - and OH. EM. GOSH!

Yeah - it was one of my FIRST packs I did .....wow.

SO, I did a make-over on it - AND I added something like 10 pages to it.

I think it looks much better now :)

6 different activities:
~Vocabulary cards with a graphic organizer

~Compare and contrast (in both Venn Diagram and Double-Bubble) for rain/snow and hurricane/tornado with a writing extension

~Compound concentration game

~Sentence Scramble - these are written in a way that they are writing facts about weather

~Picture and caption - after brainstorming ideas, they create a "poster" and write about it

~What I learned - using a divided circle map, they jot down what they know and learned, then write about it

And here is a freebie from this pack - it's the vocabulary word graphic organizer - my kids love doing it!
You will also get some examples on what I do in the "More!" box - TONS of ideas.

So if you've already bought it, make sure to go download it again to get the updated version!

Make sure to head on over to my FB page - there's a nice surprise for you there!


Lori said...

This pack looks great! I like your I Know My Word. :)
Conversations in Literacy

The Schroeder Page said...

I love teaching weather! I can't wait to check this out:)
The Schroeder Page

Corinna said...

You are so amazing with all of your units!! Love the vocab page:))

Surfin' Through Second

Unknown said...


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