On the Menu Monday #1

I've decided that Mondays are going to be something new...

On the Menu Mondays

I figured this might help everyone to get some new ideas for dinners 
(or breakfast or lunch or dessert or snack)
(that's the menu planner/shopping list that I made to help me)

So here is On the Menu Monday #1

 I want to show you one of my favorite meals to make....

I call it 
"Steakhouse on a Salad" lol

First I cut up some strips of bacon (however many you want...maybe four-ish??
I tend to do more than needed because I like to snack)
Take out the bacon pieces, and then add in the onions.
Carmalize the onions in the bacon grease (you can take some out if you want/have too much)
When the onions are almost done, then add in the cherry tomatoes. Add in as much as you like - I tend to do a lot because I LOVE cooked cherry tomatoes and how they POP in your mouth - yummmm!!!1

Take out the tomatoes JUST as they reach the point of popping.

season your steaks with your favorite seasoning

Add them into the pan.

While they are cooking, go ahead and put your lettuce on a plate 
(I just buy a bag of mixed salad from the produce section).

Add some bleu cheese crumbles, the bacon, onions and tomatoes.

When the steak is cooked to your liking, take it out and let it rest a few minutes. Then cut it on a diagonal. 
Spread it out on the top of the salad and you're done!

Go ahead and link up with your favorite meal of the week! You can choose a post you've already done and just link that up, or you can link up later in the week.

Then, next week, I'll show case five yummy ones (with a link back to your blog)!!

If you don't have a blog - no worries!

Email me a picture and a link to the recipe (if you found it online) and I could still show case your recipe!

Email me at 



Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

Love this idea! I need some new meal ideas!
Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Becky said...

This is a great idea! I need to try some new recipes.

Compassionate Teacher

smoran892 said...

I love this idea and I am taking notes as we speak! Jealous of your overall "togetherness"!!

Heart ya friend,
T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

Sarah Paul said...

YUM! I'm always looking for new recipes. This looks delicious! I would love to link up, except for the small fact that I am a terrible cook! :) I'm really trying to get better though. I'm going to try your recipe soon! Thanks for posting.

Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I dread trying to figure out what to make for dinners. I'm not a blogger, but a follower :-)

mumzie said...

Love what you've done! Would you share your meal planner/shopping list template? Thanks.

Suzanne Grisham said...

I would love a copy of your planner/shopping list also! I need something to help keep me organized! Great idea! Thanks!


Jen R said...

I will post a generic copy of it next week! I'm glad y'all like it!
The Teacher’s Cauldron

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