Subtraction and Matter

I showed you some of our reading center activities earlier this week, and I actually had time to walk around and get pictures of their math centers today!

They're doing a "Read the Room" activity with subtraction.

Here, they are sorting if they have to regroup or not, then they had an independent activity.

And these are deciding if the subtraction problem is true or false...a little on the harder side, but they got it!

These are from my Subtraction Sleuth pack...

And we've started in on our States of Matter unit.  

I found a "portable stove" from a friend (WHERE can I buy one of these?!!? Anyone know!?!) and I brought in a pot and a tea kettle.

We started with ice... and added some heat energy to it and watched it turn to water.

Then we watched it boil (at 212 degrees) and watched it turn to a gas.

THEN, I brought out my tea kettle. 90% of my kids have never seen a tea kettle, so I told them that I would show them how I could make water "sing." 



They thought it was so cool that the steam was making that sound.

Then, they did a flow map in their learning journals about how to make ice turn to gas.

and while all that was going on, I had a mason jar on my table just WAITING to have condensation on it.

oh, which reminds me!

I added a few more things to my matter pack.

If you bought it already, go download the updated version in your "my purchases."

Also, my friend Lori is having a great linky on teaching grammar - I linked up a few ideas. Click the pic to go check it out, and you can link up too!

I've had a few questions in my last few posts from followers - I WILL get to them, I promise!!

And the penguin plans are coming! You will see them soon, I promise! :)

Now, I want to leave you with some pictures of the week....

My A, always moving, always having fun. She's such a hoot in her little pink cowboy boots!

And I think this is one of my favorites - Autumn actually grabbed Brooklynn but the hand, and said,

"Brookie, you're my bestest friend!"

Just. Melt. My. Heart.


Christina Marie said...

I love these States of Matter activities. Going to have to pin for next year when we do matter again!

Amazon has a portable stoves for only $14.99!

Apples, Books, and Crayons

Kim said...

I know, I know... I teach sixth grade... but I just love those little math cards all over the room. And they are all so colorful and fun. I wonder if I could put algebra problems all over my room? Now you've got me thinking...

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

PS I just love that last picture--and, of course, the sentiment!

Lori R said...

You should be able to buy a hot plate at Walmart or check on Amazon. It's great for school.

Anonymous said...

I just saw one at Walgreens yesterday. Love your activities (and pictures)!

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