We're SINGING in the Rain!!

Ok, seriously, we were singing today!! And I have the video to prove it!
Click {HERE} for the words. 

We also finished our "tree map" of the types of precipitation....Well, it's the same affect, right? lol
 The raindrops were different types of precipitation, and they wrote the definition on the back.
  And our book this wee to discuss facts and myths about weather as well as doing cause and effect was Franklin and the Thunderstorm. Can I just tell you that in my MASSIVE classroom library, I don't have ONE Franklin book....isn't that SOOOO weird???


Michelle said...

LOVE this! I'm a BIG singing teacher...too bad for my kids. I don't have the best voice, but we have fun singing all day long!


Jen R said...

haha..yeah, notice I WASN'T singing in the video! lol. But I can bust out in song for ANYTHING! I love singing :) and they do too!

Busy Bees said...

Love your tree map!! Just found your blog and became your newest follower!!

Jen R said...

Hi Robynn! I just got your segmenting activity! thanks for following!

Kim said...

Hi Jen:

I'm a new follower too!
You are almost at 100!!!!!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Jen R said...

Hi Kim!! I know! I'm so excited I'm almost there!

Jackie H said...

Great blog entry! I love the song.


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