Pumpkin math...part deux!

OH. MY. GOSH!....I  seriously need to get out of the 3rd grade teacher mind!! I have ALL these FABulous lesson plans - only to actually get through HALF of them!! And it's NOT because I have a bad class - I don't. In fact, one of my favorites ever!!! But I just forget how much longer everything takes with these little ones vs. my 3rd graders.

BUT, nonetheless, we still had fun today!! Got nice and GOOEY!
First, we started our day with a review of our grammar skill - singular and possessive nouns - EWWWWW!!! One of my LEAST favorite grammar skills.

I will say though, after so many WEEKS, it feels like, of doing this, they really seemed to get this today! My intern made this cute little sort that she did whole group with them sitting on the carpet right there with everyone....the kids got to put the magnet where they thought it went - OMGosh!! That right there was the prize activity..THEY got to put the magnet on the board?? Nice!

Of course, she is willing to share, so {HERE} you go!

Then, we headed into our part 2 of pumpkin fun...

Yesterday, I posted about the first part of our pumpkin math...see that post {HERE}. We're using Mrs. Bainbridge's Pumpkin Observation booklet that she had for free :) LOVING IT!

But, I added a few more pages because I wanted to incorporate an activity with a book....as always!! :)

This is the book we read before we started our part 2 of the booklet.

So, I decided to add a few more pages to her booklet (I used hers as the template because I'm OCD and it had to match the rest of the book! lol) ...Click {HERE} to get those pages. When you print up her book and my pages, be careful because I rearranged the order of the pages, so there'll be a double in there...just with different page numbers. I believe it was the Count Them page.

The first one was an extension that was already in the book - describing it, but I wanted them to also describe the INSIDE of the pumpkin. 

After they described the inside and estimated how many seeds were in their pumpkin, it was time to dig in!!

oops - I just realized I didn't put the graphics' source on the bottom of  the pages...but it was from DJInkers too!
I HAD to add a page for them to group the seeds into "clubs" so it was like the book :)
This is where I start to REALLY realize, we are NOT going to get through this page! It took FOR- EV-ER JUST to do the "tens club." 
yeah....we didn't finish the rest. Although, when I've done this with my 3rd graders, they could finish it...oh well...lesson learned. Next year, I will either just do one pumpkin whole group, or give them a lot more time to finish this section. We coudn't finish the 2s and 5s club because tomorrow we have to EAT the seeds and do MORE math with them! lol

And we also finished our "Five Little Pumpkins" activity that was inspired by Fun-in-First.
She did this with her kids and gave a freebie out for the activity...
What I did to change it up for my students was that we did NOT show them the poem...we only read it to them. We read it out loud to them and then had them cut out the dialogues. Then we read it again to them, and they had to "listen to directions" and put them in sequential order....
AND they had to label their pumpkins with the ORDINAL numbers...First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth.

This one is an example of one my little ESOL buddies...I particularly like the square pumpkin that was supposed to resemble Spookly the Square Pumpkin! lol

Hope you're having fun with your pumpkins!! 
If you snag a freebie, leave a comment! I love to hear what you think :)


Constance said...

Love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Donald said...

I LOVE the pumpkin freebies! We did fun things with pumpkins last week in my first grade class - wish I'd had some of your freebies!! Oh well - I'll keep them for next year. :)

Jen R said...

Jennifer - yes, I realize so many have already wrapped up their pumpkin unit...But with everything we had going on, we just now are getting to it- so it's our transition into November theme..ha! Glad you like them :)

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