Penguin Week- Part 1

Happy Saturday!!

So yesterday was NOT the normal sunny Florida day at school.

We have an outside school, as most FL schools are. So we had fun everywhere we went. haha. It's Florida. We're used to the rain.

But then AFTER school???

Beautiful blue skies! I just love the Florida weather! 

This week, we did our Class Book for the month (see my post on some other class books I've made {HERE}). This one comes from Kelley's pack, you can check out {HERE}. I love using it with the book by {Todd Parr, It's Okay to Be Different.}

We also finished our Snowman Writing this week! We started the planning and writing last week, and on Monday, they finished the illustrating and craft. 

It comes from my Snowman Pack you can find {HERE}.

We started our Penguin unit this week! It was ALL THINGS PENGUIN going on in room 803.  We read some Reading A to Z books that were about penguins. We worked on sequencing activities, especially since we're doing timelines, too. They go great hand-in-hand. 

Our poem for the week was about penguins.

This is our partner read - we use the desk labels to help with partner reading....super easy! Check out my post {HERE} on the Kagan Labels freebie.

We used {Jodi's NonFiction January} pack to help us do some measurement comparisons.

Then we did some polling of friends to finish our graphing skills.

I found this freebie YEARS ago on {THIS} post. 

We also made a blubber glove! This is always a favorite with the kids. The water was a CHILLY 0 degrees. haha!

It's just a big can of crisco shortening and some ice water - both hands in so they can feel the difference.  I always love watching their reaction.

We also learned what it was like to waddle.  haha

We did some vocabulary with the words too - after we made the vocabulary words come to life!

This comes from my {Vocabulary Journal}.

Then we headed into the computer lab to do some penguin research!

Our school has PebbleGO, which I LOVE!  I have a few research papers included in my {Penguin Unit}. Next week, we will start putting the book together!

We did a lot with {Tacky the Penguin} this week.

We really focused on being able to compare and contrast characters within a story this week. 

The writing and craft come from my {penguin unit.}

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