Spelling Journals - a Classroom Life Saver

One of my MUST HAVES in my classroom is our Spelling Journal.

We use it ALL. THE. TIME.

We use to add in our spelling words each week.

We also use it whenever we do ANY writing.

There are 2 different sections in the spelling journal. 

Alphabet words - where there are already sight words and commonly misspelled words written in the boxes and plenty of lines to add your own!

And there's also the "Category Words" section with school words, holidays, and seasons.

I've recently added the Half-size version to the files.

You can either just print the different letters back to back....

Or you can print the blank page on back for more lines to add more words throughout the year.

I absolutely LOVE the Spelling Journals. My kids are trained to come up to me with their journal opened to the page for the word (or rather, what they think is the page for the word) and a pencil for me to write in the word for them. They DO NOT raise their hand to ask me "how do you spell ....??" anymore. I love it!!

There are 2 versions for each size - handwriting lines and regular writing lines included.

Each "letter" has a page WITH the box of words and without the words.

There are also alternate pages you can use that combine some letters (like xyz) and there are also "digraph" pages you can use.

The category pages include:

colorsfamilynumberscalendartravelpetscommunityhomefallHalloweenThanksgivingChristmasWinterValentine's daySt. Patrick's DaySpringEasterSummer

Click {HERE} to check it out!

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Kathy Bufford said...

I just put these on my wish list. I love the concept. I think they would be a life saver.

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