First Week of the New Year

We had our first week (4 day week) back. I didn't do a lot of "fluff" to ease their way back into it....nope. I went in full force, my friends! ha!

Before I get started with our week though. I want to show you what we did the last week before break, so that they were ready to hang in the hallways when we got back from break. 

We read the book, Dream Snow, by Eric Carle.  Then they picked an animal that they wanted to do in their writing. I talked about they needed to write about for each line....they aren't very good at coming up with their own clues just yet...but if I give them guidelines, they can do it!  What color hair or skin, how many legs, what kind of tail, where it lives, and what it says.  Then they colored their picture. I gave them an overhead sheet to paint and cover their animal with snow and make snow all over the page (like the book). 

I love how they come out!!

You can grab the writing page from Mrs. Bainbridge's blog post {HERE}. 

We also made our New Year's Resolution. I just did a "quick write" and had them choose which color they wanted to glue it to. These writing sheets come from my {Winter Writing Pack}. 

You can check out {THIS} post to read more about my Writing with Rubrics packs.

We finished the first half of 1st grade!! That's right...90 days have gone by. I will say, the change is SO drastic from day 1 to 90 ...and even more from day 1 to 180! It's seriously crazy. I've taught grades 1-5, and this grade is the one where I see the most growth in my students.

This is my math board, my calendar is right to the right of the weather cards. We go through all of this every morning. It takes about 10 minutes to go over the date, weather, how many days of school, the "plus sign" in the 100s chart...etc. I just {pull sticks} and run through it. 

We finished and added in our December page to our {Memory Books}.

I mean...look at the difference in her writing already just since the first week! That's why I love these books... check them out {HERE}.

And I thought I'd show you how were' doing on Individualized Spelling lists we do.  As you can see, everyone is on different words, different lists...but they are moving and grooving!

I pull them back to my back table in small groups to test them. To read more about doing Individualized spelling, check out {THIS} post.

And we started our {Snowman Writing}.  I love the planning page included. They kids are able to really use it and make sense of it. I will come back this week to show you more of the snowman activities we did.

Next week, we're starting my Penguin unit!! I'm so stinkin' excited!!  If you've bought this pack already, make sure you download it again - I've added 40 pages to it! See how I've used this in the past {HERE}.  Check out {THIS} post to see which books I like to use during Penguin week. 

Hope your first week back went okay!

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