100 Days Smarter in 1st Grade

Happy 100 Days!!  

We have been looking forward to filling up our hundreds chart as the last few weeks have been closing in.  This is what our Math Board looks like now...

you can find the Ten Frame display {HERE}

We didn't get to wild and crazy, but we did do some fun stuff!

Here are some books that we read that day...

We made our class book of 100 things that we would like to have, and 100 things that we would NOT like to have.

no kidding buddy!

Then we made pictures out of the numbers 1-0-0. I always love to see what they come up with.

Cranky mom - haha!

This one my be my favorite - a Flamingo!!

Then we made our 100 crowns and made our 10 10-frame snack.

Not a bad way to celebrate the day, I might say!

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