Best 15 of '15

Happy New Year!! I just wanted to take a quick look back at the 15 posts that YOU guys thought were the most important!

Last year, I switched over to using Traci's Planner, and I ABSOLUTELY love it!  This year my plans look a little different because I don't have to have all that "stuff" in there anymore, but I'm still using her template!

This is one of my favorite things to do - and I've done them for YEARS

This post is GREAT to get ready for the new year. I refer to it all the time, even throughout the year, actually. haha!  There are LOTS of freebies in it, too!

This post shows you how I let students borrow from my classroom library. 

YES! I let my kids borrow my books. I want them to be well loved....I don't want books to be some sort of "museum" art that they can only look at. 

We're almost on day 100 now... I just love seeing all the different "counters" that we've used so far.  It's a great math lesson for adding on ten frames and missing addends.

These are still on my desks. And I love using them to say "#4s, please come get the papers" or "#2s, please collect the tracers and bring them to me." Super simple to let them know who is doing what.

This post shows how I have my small groups and centers set up, how I organize them, and manage them. It also shows you what I do during my small groups.

I plan to go into a little more detail of my small groups now that I have my "system" put into place....finally....after a year in 1st grade, I think I found my "groove" in small groups.

See how I have my Meet & Greet set up during that Pre-planning week.

I absolutely love my classroom.... I have gone "theme-less" and just gone "color" kind of theme. It's not so overwhelming... and I don't feel like switching it when I'm "over" the theme.

SO much going on in this post. But I love writing these posts so I can look back every year and see what I did! haha. I always forget the first week of school!! Maybe because I subconsciously block it out of my mind because the 1st week of 1st grade is kind of rough..haha.

I love these centers that my teaching partner found and shared. 

A fun little ten frame adding activity is included - freebie!

Actually, it looks like a most of my planning for the month posts are popular. I'm going to try and get better at that!

Some great ideas for using ten frames, and a subitizing app I found for the iPad.

These are all freebies! Some are crafts and some are math/science activities. We did a few of them and the kids loved them!!

So, now that 2015 is over, time to look into 2016!

When we get back, I have a few things on my list to do.  Click on the pictures to read more about them and grab the freebies!

We didn't get a chance to do our December memory book page, so we'll do that when we get back. {THESE} are some of my favorite things to do...and the parents LOVE keeping them! You can also read another post on them {HERE}

I love these writing packs because I don't even have to think.... well, I DO, but everything I need is included in these writing packs!

I love teaching a quick week on snowmen! Florida kids love learning about them...I think because most of them have never actually built one - ha!

Oh my gosh. My penguin unit is one of my favorites! I didn't get a chance to do it with my group last year, but that's because I was on maternity leave. But you can read about how I did it with my 2nd graders {HERE}. You can also check out the penguin books I like to use during my Penguin Week {HERE}.

January Centers.... check them out at {THIS} post. There's also some freebies to download in that post too!

This is a fun little preposition practice book. I actually have this in a {turkey}, {Gingerbread}, {spider}, and {bee}. 

It're pretty much how I teach prepositions through the year, instead of just doing a lesson and being done with it.

Whew! I know there's more, but that's good for now! I'll be back with a better look at my January plans....once I actually figure out what I'm doing! haha


Mrs. Beattie's Classroom said...

Wow! You have a pile of great posts!! I love your Rainbow Similies. So cute!!

Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

BTW... I have a reflections of 2015 linky on now and you're welcome to link up! :)

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