Getting Ready for January - Themes and Freebies

Is it me, or does  winter break seem WAY.TOO.SHORT??

I feel like I just got on break by the time I wind down from Christmas and Brooklynn's birthday...

Oh well, Monday will be here before we know it! Time to get planning!!

Before we left, I sent out the January calendar to my parents letting them know what we will be doing.

(They keep this in the back of their binder the whole month so the parents know when we have no school and early release and all that jazz. 

The morning they walk in, it'll be time to color their January Journal covers for their {Poetry Journals} and {writing Journals}! These are freebies, click the links to grab them.

We didn't get a chance to do our December memory book page, so we'll do that when we get back. {THESE} are some of my favorite things to do...and the parents LOVE keeping them! You can also read another post on them {HERE}

ahhh... snowmen. I LOVE doing a {snowman week} with my little Florida kiddos. They always love it....probably because they're so fascinated with something they've never felt. haha

I love these writing packs because I don't even have to think.... well, I DO, but everything I need is included in these writing packs!

Oh my gosh. My penguin unit is one of my favorites! I didn't get a chance to do it with my group last year, but that's because I was on maternity leave. But you can read about how I did it with my 2nd graders {HERE}. You can also check out the penguin books I like to use during my Penguin Week {HERE}.

January Centers.... check them out at {THIS} post. There's also some freebies to download in that post too!

I also have the bookmarks ready for January. Download this freebie {HERE}.

And before I left I copied all of the calendar activities in my Ultimate Calendar Bundle.  You can check out {THIS} post to see how I have it all organized for the year!

This is a fun little preposition practice book. I actually have this in a {turkey}, {Gingerbread}, {spider}, and {bee}. It's pretty much how I teach prepositions through the year, instead of just doing a lesson and being done with it.

Label and Write About It! January pack - great for differentiating!

And one of my favorite activities each month is my Monthly Family Projects. And January is one of my favorites! They usually turn out SO stinkin' cute!

So that's what I have pulled out of my files... now it's time to sit down and write it all out! 

I'll try to come back Monday with more detail ideas for this week...I'm sure I'll be adding in some last minute changes!  Because don't we all?!?

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