The Chapter Book Club

When my little first graders make it to a high enough level to be able to read chapter books, it's kind of a big deal!  They are so excited! So we make it a big deal.

I have a little frame on top of my chapter book bookshelf that has their name on it and they get to celebrate with their friends as they're over there trading out books.

I have a lot of copies of the same books, so they love getting the one their friend has and talking about the book they've been reading.

If you want to see how I manage my students borrowing my books from me, check out {THIS} post.

And to see where my Book bin labels are, check out {THIS} post.

Click the picture below to download the freebie!


Unknown said...

I simply love your turquoise bookshelf!!!!

Just a quick parents of the students not in the chapter book club ever complain that it hurts the self esteem of those not in? I was just thinking it is a really great idea and those that accomplish that level, should be recognized, but I know I would have some parents that would say it makes their student feel bad and look like a bad reader.

Jen R said...

No, I've never had anyone say that to me. We're all about celebrating our friends - I've never heard anyone (kids) say anything ill towards anyone else about not being a chapter book reader.

Shawn Abi said...

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Shawn Abi said...
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