Week 4 Plans, Going to the Farm!

Here are my week 4 plans, we are starting to go to the farm and we're still doing my Pete the Cat activities too. Check out last week's plans to get an idea of what we are still finishing up. 

Remember, you have to actually download the file now and open it as a pdf to be able to click the links to get the freebies, blogposts, or product links. 

This week in phonics, we're working out of my Close the Door! Words (words that have 2 syllables and each syllable is closed, making the vowels say their short sound.)

I don't know if I told you, but last week, we worked out my FLOSS pack, words that end in F, L, or S and get the final consonant doubled - like glass, cliff, or hill.

And since we'll be "reading" Click, Clack, Moo

I'll pull out the rest of my Doreen Cronin books, because they LOVE to read them all! (and it really goes perfectly since our read aloud right now is Charlotte's Web)

AND, we're going to start using my On the Farm with Charlotte and Friends pack - we will take a few weeks using this pack.

Oh, speaking of Doreen Cronin....did you see the NEW Click, Clack, Moo book??? SUPER CUTE! I've already pre-ordered it, of course. (I MIGHT have a slight addiction to buying books...lol)

We still have the same centers as last week, a lot of them are using my Pete the Cat activities. The Invisible Poem center, I posted about the other day, and is a FREEBIE, so make sure you check out that post! And the write the room center is a freebie, so make sure you download the visual plans to click on that link!

This week, Math centers are still using my 2-digit number sense centers, because we didn't really get to math centers last week. I spent longer than I thought I would teaching addition strategies.w of the 2-digit number concepts

While I'm teaching the skills in my Addition Strategies pack in whole group...because next week, these will be their centers to do on their own...

In writing, after we finish up our pen pal letters, we are going to be doing our "Who Am I?" which goes along with using describing sentences, context clues, and adjectives! I used it last year for Open House, and I'm going to do it again. Click {HERE} to check out last year's post on it. 

And HOPEFULLY we'll have time to Reagan's cow craft to go with our writing this week....but I don't know, with a 4-day week (teacher workday tomorrow...we have to all go to a class) AND an early release?? I kind of feel like i don't have any time to teach. Oh well.  I'm off to the farm right now actually...lol. Taking the girls to the petting farm, hope the weather stays nice for us! Enjoy your last day of weekend, my friends.


luckeyfrog said...

I love your weekly plans! I usually click print, which opens it into a PDF... then I can cancel the printing but click on the links from the PDF. Thanks for sharing with us! :)

Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

smoran892 said...

Click, Clack, Boo?!?!?! OMG that is exciting!!

Love reading your plans and stalking what you're doing :)

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