Fun with Open and Closed Syllables

This week, we've been studying a lot in phonics with open and closed syllables. It's a little different than what we're supposed to be doing, our district has told use, basically, what they want us to do. Which is fine, I'm a go with the flow kind of gal. BUT, it's a lot harder for my kids this year. It's definitely a step up.

The first thing we do in the week is write all of our sight words and phonics/spelling words in our Phonics Notebook. If it's already there in the list, then they highlight it, which of course they LOVE.

If it's not there, then they write it in. I swear, these dictionaries are a LIFE saver (check out THIS post on how we assembled the dictionaries in the beginning of the year!) You know how you hear, "How do you spell ______?!" one thousand times a day??? Well, after about a week or so of CONSTANT "Get out your dictionary" nagging  reminders, they FINALLY have started using their dictionary as their first resource! And THEN, if it doesn't have the word??? They don't just raise their hand and ask how to spell a word, they come up to me with their dictionary and a pencil...oh my land. It is absolute HEAVEN!

Ok, back to our phonics lessons...Last week, we used my Closed Syllable pack,with words like muf-fin and bas-ket. They had double (or two) consonants to break up the syllables. This week, we're using my Open Syllable pack, where there's no consonant to close in the door, like hu-man, spi-der, la-zy. There's a matching activity in the pack (in all my phonics packs), that I like to do a little different version with. AFTER we actually match up all the words, then we play a little Scoot game...but without writing. I just walk around and listen to them say their silly words.

For this one, I had them leave the "beginning" on the desk, and they walked around with the "end," which was the open syllable.  This way, as they were walking around, they were always practicing a new open syllable, with the same ending. 

Most of the time, they were making some seriously silly words, which they love saying!

But every once in a while, someone would find their match as we went around, and they shouted "MATCH!" and we all did our "Cheer of the Day" for them.

In my small groups, I used my Open Syllable pack to really work with my kids on knowing how to figure out if you say it as an open or closed syllable.

We used one of my favorite "Guided Reading Tools," Sound Mapping, to help us sound out words and then we circled if it was an open or closed syllable.

I have these sound boxes for free in my TpT store, and there's an explanation of how to count out the sounds to put in the sound boxes in the file. 

If you want to check out either of my syllable packs, click the pictures below


Lacie Harris said...

Hi! Thanks for the freebie link. I JUST bought both of these last night and plan to use them next week as we review our phonics (short vowels, long vowels, blends, digraphs, and -ed/ing) from the past five weeks.

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Wonderful resources!!!

Janet Reynolds said...

I am very interested in what reading program you use that calls syllable closed, open, etc. I use the Wilson Reading program and I thought that was the only one!

Jennifer Ross said...

Janet, I have just always called them Open and Closed syllables! I think maybe it came from a program called 95% though, but it's been so long, that I don't know for sure. :)

Katie said...

We use 95% in our district and they use the terms open and closed syllables. Thanks for the freebie! I will definately put your packs on my wishlist and get them when we teach this. My kids won't be ready for this for a while.


California Natives said...

We use a program called Fundations and they are called open and closed syllables. Teaching closed this week. :)

Marlene said...

My third graders still ask me how to spell words even though I've told them many times what to do. And they even get their own dictionary that is donated. Love your sound boxes. Thanks for sharing!

I Heart Teaching Elementary

Andrea S said...

I love your sound boxes but can't figure out how to get them. Can you please tell me where to find them?


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