Using our math folders every day!

I wanted to share with you how I start my math block every day. I know you see it on my visual plans every week, but I don't know if you know about it, since it's one of my older products. This is my Numbers Every Day pack. We use the same number all week long, using it for different activities in our folders. I copied the pages and put them page protectors and put them in a 3-pronged folder.  There are different versions of each type of activity, and I swap them out throughout the year, as our level of ability grows.  

We start with Monday, using clues to find the mystery number. This clue was that it had 8 tens, it was greater than 82 and less than 85. You can see how they circled and crossed off in their hundreds chart. 

See, they are all doing it in their own folders.

Here is a different way that I give clues, just giving the tens and ones. They had to circle the ones column and then circle the number.

Then, they will write out the number sense page using that number. 
We do the mystery number and this page on Mondays. 

(eventually, this number will grow to be hundreds, and MAYBE even thousands!)

On another day, we'll do comparing numbers and tally marks (still using the same number!)

Another day, we'll do hundreds chart, and this page I will change soon to different shapes of the hundreds chart, but right now I'm trying to get them to see plus and minus 10. 

and on FRIDAYS, I save the hardest for the last day. Lol We do money. Right now, we're STILL learning to count money, so I don't make them do both sides on their own. We'll do the least amount together, and then they need to think of a different way to come up with the same amount. Most of them do all dimes at this But hey, it's something, right?!

There is more included than just these pages, we also graph the weather every day, and then at the end of each month, we analyze the graph. I love using this folder, because I literally teach so many skills that by the time I get to those skills in my pacing guide, I don't actually need to teach it! I love it!

Check it out at any of my stores!!


Storie said...

I bought this pack and am also using the pages in sheet protectors. I do different activities on the hundreds grid each day as a warm-up, but I do one or two pages a day together similar to what you are doing. I was hoping to blog about it, but I am struggling to find the time & energy to blog about anything these days :)
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Unknown said...

Awesome ideas Jen! Love how you put them in sheet protectors to make it easier to continue each week. I'm all for no copying!

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Roaming Around 4th Grade said...

What a great idea to use page protectors! I have been making copies. :( What is the best way to clean them? Do you clean them or do the kids? Also, what type of markers? Thanks!!

Beth said...

I love this idea!! Thanks so much for sharing. I will be checking out your TPT product asap!
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Kim Oldenburgh said...

Roaming Around-I do the same thing with sheet protectors and I bought a piece of felt and cut it up into little squares and the kids erase them after I check them. Works great. I bought the think Expo markers for this.

Kelley Cirrito said...

Great idea to use the sheets in protectors! I am going to pass this on to some of the teachers I am working with! Thanks for the great unit. I hope you have a super week at school!

Diane said...

I started this my grade 2's this week and they love it as much as I do! By Friday they were already trying to guess what Monday's number might be! Thanks for this great product!

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing. I would love to do something like this in my class. I just put your TPT packet in my cart. :)

Table Talk with C and C said...

This post just inspired me to buy your Math Folders Every day! I love this concept and have been meaning to do something like this for my little kiddos! Thank you so much!

Table Talk with C & C

Nicole Heinlein said...

Ok, you convinced me - I am DOING this!!!

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