Week 3 Visual Plans, with Pete the Cat

This week, I'm going to be using Pete the Cat as my teaching tool. 
I know. 
Pete the cat is WAY young for 2nd grade. But let me tell you, they L.O.V.E. him! (Did you see my post on this last week??) So, why NOT use him??? You can pretty much make any book work for you at your level, so that's what I did!

Here are my plans for this next week...

Click the pictures to get the google doc. In the doc, you'll be able to click on the links to get to the freebies, blogpost, or product links! You will have to ACTUALLY download the file and open it up in PDF to click the links, it seems that you can't click the links anymore while you're in google docs (grumble).

I'll be using my 

I'm also using my Pete the Cat pack....in whole group AND small groups.

This week, Math centers are going to be a review of the 2-digit number concepts

While I'm teaching the skills in my Addition Strategies pack in whole group...because next week, these will be their centers to do on their own...

In Science, we're going to finally do the milk experiment in Kristen's Predicting pack that we were supposed to do last week, but never got to. Then it's moving on to our Scholastic News about migrating.
I'm using this book in my small groups, that way, come Thursday we can do a compare/contrast on the texts, since they are about the same concept (common core!)

We're also going to be writing to our pen pals this week!! woo!! At least I think we are, lol. I haven't actually told Miss Suzy Q that we're writing to her...guess I should do that right now...lol. 

And here our our reading centers for the week...yes, I know that we have TWO 4-day weeks in a row, so they really only need 8 centers, but this soon in the game, I dont' want to confuse them, so I'll just cross off the last 2 on their center menu at the end of the 2 weeks. (Check out my center menu freebie HERE)

I actually use this book every week during my phonics instruction, (post to come on that soon!), but this week I'm also going to try out a new center using one of the poems from the book. The center is putting the poems together in a pocket chart (or on the floor), Teeny Style! I'm have the poem all typed out, one word on each card, and they have to put the poem back in order, which I think will be great reading practice, since they'll be reading the poem over and over and over to put the words in order. We'll see how it goes!

I'm also using this book that I bought a while ago. I'm really trying to "force-feed" word families to them this year so they become better at chunking!


Elementary Stories said...
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Elementary Stories said...
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Elementary Stories said...

Pete the Cat ROCKS! I shared the book with my second graders last week and used the CD - they could not get enough of it. It inspired me to use the book for some writing and grammar next week. I checked out your Groovy cat packet and I love it! I completely agree that you can use a book with different grades depending on what ou do with it. I'm excited to do some of your activities and create some of mine! I'm going to take pictures of all my student's shoes and we are going to do a writing activity about what they like to do in their school shoes -). Have a great week! ~ Lisa

Rachel Lamb said...

I kinda just need you to come to my classroom and setup centers!

Lori Faas said...

I LOVE Pete! (and I am way older than second grade!) :) I love your visual planbook but it seems like a LOT of extra work to put together!?????

Lori @
Bee the Change
Mrs. Faas’ First Grade

Suzy Q said...

I LOVE surprises! (And I am so glad that you are writing first...gives us a bit of time!)

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