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Leaf Man is one of my favorite books to read in the first week of fall. Since we live in Florida, my students (generally) only know of fall via books and pictures (which is a shame because Fall is one of the best, most beautiful seasons of all!). So, I actually wait until more of October to do this activity. These are pictures from a previous year, because I haven't done it yet my class.

We read the book, then discussed repetitive lines (common core!), and cause and effect (why did Leaf Man keep traveling?)

Then we do our art project that goes along with it. I have done this project every year for the last few years. When my friend (who taught Kindergarten) and I were book buddies, we created the activity. I actually had some of my former students tearing the paper for the activity and they were talking about how they remember doing it - and how much they liked it....see?? It's the little things like that, that make me excited to be a teacher; when students remember things that you have done for them, no matter how big or small.

To create Leaf Man, I just traced leaves onto a paper, and then copied that paper off. I tore up fall colored paper into small pieces and have the students glue onto the paper. (I actually "color" the paper with the glue so they don't spend so much time gluing.) Use black beans for the eyes, nose, and mouth. (These days, I use black beads because of our little cockroach problem!).

I then glue the white paper to their choice of fall color paper as a border.

I'm linking up with one of my fabulous friends, Ashley over at the The Teacher's Treasure Chest! Go check out the rest of the link-ups!


KinderMyles said...

It is great when they remember and appreciate activities. I like your leaf man. We read this book along with Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf and do a tissue paper craft by tracing our hands and using the tissue as leaves to turn the hand into a tree or rake. I hadn't thought about doing it with our buddy class but now I just might! Thanks!

Sarah Paul said...

What a perfect craft to go along with that book!
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