A Year of Themes

Ok, so I'm a planner.
I like to see the long haul of things, where I'm going and what I'll be doing.
I love looking at pacing guides and "scope and sequences."

So it comes no surprise that I love to scope out my themes throughout the year.

So that's what I did tonight....

This is not a complete list, and doesn't include my Science or Social Studies, but these are my themes that I like to teach during my reading block, (remember, I don't use the reading series other than a guide as to which skills I'm supposed to be teaching.) and what I HOPE to be my sequence of how I'm going to be teaching them. I did them all last year, but I'm rearranging some of them, because as I was teaching them last year, I was like "OH, this would've been good HERE." You can click the picture (or here) to download it to save it to your files. 

What do you teach when??? Maybe I need to change/rearrange some things!  I'd love your input!


Maizigirl said...

What a great idea! It is always great to be organized! Is there a way to click on the individual themes? Thanks for sharing!!!

Jen R said...

Yes, if you click the picture, you can download it and then you can click on the themes :)

The Polished Teacher said...

Penguins are my favorite! So glad you have it on your list!


Unknown said...

I love your blog and all your posts. I've been teaching for 5 years and really would like to try themed teaching but I'm so afraid to go away from the 'BOOK'. So seeing your post about themed ideas makes me want to do it even more. But I have a few questions before I even begin to think about it. Do you teach in FL.? And is your district using common core?
Thanks for all your info!!

Jen R said...

Hi Jessica! Yes, I teach in FL, and yes, we are using the common core. I just line up the skills and use the books to teach the skills. And for their reading tests, I give them cold reads out of our series that work with that skill. Hope that helps!

Christen said...

I would add Tall Tales to September and I have the children write a tall tale after we have discussed many of them. I also follow a lot of what you wrote down. I include some folktales and fairytales and do a unit on them. I also follow a reading series but try to keep my own themes going throughout the year. You have great stuff that I love using!!

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