Habitat for Sale!

This week, we've been working on a LOT of different things...we've been doing a lot of apple activities (those pictures to come this weekend), and we've also been working on our Habitat activities. Most of them are finished, but you know you always have those stragglers...right!?

We've been using my Habitat for Sale pack, which I love because it really make them learn about the actual HABITAT, what the animals need there to be (or not to be).

What I do is set out all my animal books, and let them do a window shopping spree around the room, so they can get to know which animals they can choose. Once they've all made their rounds, I have them go to seats and get out their science notebooks. They make a circle map, and write animals in the  middle. Then, they list all the animals they saw on their window shopping spree.

Then, we play a matching activity using the cards in my pack. The word cards give CLUES as to who would want to live there. They have to use their CONTEXT clues to figure it out.

 Then, they use the examples from those cards to plan out THEIR habitat that's for sale.   They write about what their animal needs to survive. (They get to do the research first in the books that I have for them.)

This is where we then talk about predators. We discuss predators, give examples of predators, and then we write it in our vocabulary journals.  I try to have them use the animal they chose in the sentence in their journals, so that it matches. (You can see that the plan above is about a bat, then his picture/sentence in his vocabulary journal is about a bat.) 

After they plan it out in their bubble map, then they write their sloppy copy, which I then conference with them on. After I conference with them, and they fix what I asked them to, then they get their neat copy. To draw and write on. 

This is also a great way to get in our informational writing! That's a big one for common core!

Here is my example I did for them....lol...PLEASE don't laugh at my elephant...

As their "reading test" (our skill this week was using context clues) they are going to do the individual page that I have in the pack to see if they can use their inferencing skills to figure which animal goes to which habitat.
Check out my Habitat for Sale pack!

Also, I wanted to share with you, because our Career Day is coming up on Friday and I always have my kids do my Community Helpers pack on our down time for career day.

I just updated it, too! So if you already bought it, go download it again.

This pack is great for learning about community workers, but I also use it during our career week!

Jobs included in this pack are:teacherrescue medicfirefighterpolice officersanitation workermail carrierlibrarianfarmerbuildernurse
For each worker, there are:-color picture cards with headers for teachers to use for whole group-bubble map describing each character-Tree map to describe what each worker has, does, and is-Picture scenes that students need to label, complete the scene, and write a caption for the scene
Also included:What I want to be when I grow up writing activityCompare and Contrast with writing extensionA book for the students to create about each of the workers.

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