Visual Plans - Fall ideas

Whew!! Man, these plans took FOREVER. I don't know why this week was harder than other weeks, especially since it was only 4 days of plans! BUT, here they are!! Click on the pictures (or HERE) to download them to get to the PDF so you can click on the links for the freebies and product links. There are TONS of freebies in these plans, because I this week is a hodgepodge week, because next week starts my spider unit! yay! (Stay tuned this week for a special announcement on that!)

Each day, when I  meet with all 3 of my small groups, we do something called Peer to Peer Fluency. I am going to show you what that is this week!

My centers this week, I am mixing in a lot of "Fall" activities. Unfortunately, my kids, living in FL, don't really know too much about Fall since we don't really experience fall and winter here. Lots of freebies in the centers, make sure you download the PDF to get to the links!

For my math centers this week, I did my FIRST attempt at QR code centers! I used Nicole's Addition Strategy QR Codes and my kids loved them, so I am trying these out!

There are some activities in the plans that I will have to show you what I mean with pictures as we do them. So, hopefully I will get to them! I still have apple pictures to show you and a surprise!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

I think I will be enjoying more time with my Super Readers!

 Reading is a super power!!


Unknown said...

Your little super reader is adorable!

Jan said...

Thanks for sharing you great plans and freebies!

Unknown said...

Your super reader looks super sweet! =)

Michelle said...

Thanks for the sharing my packet. I pinned it and shared it with my FB fans.

TS said...

Great post-thanks!

Unknown said...

I love reading your post. I read your blog often. I revamp your ideas and they work great up in the North! Thank you for sharing. Keep up the great work. :)

xyz said...

Your plans look great! Feel free to blog about my fluency packs, if you want. :-) Jen

mumzie said...

Precious daughter!

Petrice said...

one sweet baby girl with a super hero Mom!

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