What we've been up to and a Video Tutorial: Re-sizing Clip Art

you know - it ALWAYS happens!

There are times when I don't really have anything to post and I RACK my brain trying to think of something to share with you...lol

and then other times??? I have SOOOO many ideas and thought to share, that I can't ever seem to get caught up....

But first, I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the love on my Monday Menu post yesterday :)

I'll be sure to show you another recipe next Monday.

Back to school.

So here's our writing we did on our first week back...

They had to write about their favorite memory, something they learned, and what they HOPE to learn in 2013, with a starter and closing sentence, of course. Then, we used the (only PART of) patterns I found from The Glyph Girls freebie - check it out HERE

In math, last week, we moved into learning about hundreds place

They are so good now that I give them a mystery number like this:

and they can tell me, without even thinking about it, that it is 846!

I'm super proud!!!

so, we've changed out the sheets in our Number of the Day folder that we do....

Check out my pack 

And we've been reviewing rounding - one of their centers has been my Rounding with Jack and Jill

Check out my pack 

Moving on to Reading centers....

This week is a review week, so for their word wall center, I wanted for them to do something different...

but first, I want to show you how well I'm keeping up with my word wall!!

I'm SOOO proud of myself!!

Over the summer, one of my goals was to work on my word wall...that was ALWAYS my weakest link. I sent out an S.O.S and so many blogging friends came to my rescue!!
Lori sent me a picture of her word wall, and I LOVED it, so I decided to go forth with it, and I love it!

My only problem is that since i don't have any wall space, I had to use the space under my wall, and I'm VERY QUICKLY running out of space... in fact, I HAVE run out of space for some of the letters...

So I think I'm going ot have to take some down, but I really don't want to because we refer to it ALL the time when we write....

Any suggestions?!??! I really am stumped...

Anyway, for one of their reading centers, I gave them graph paper, and they had to write the words, correctly with tails and hats (what do you call them??) taking up TWO boxes and the "shorts" taking up only one box. Then, outlining them like the words on are on the word wall. Apparently, this is a harder skill than I thought it was going to be, because I've had to have most of the ones who have done it already, redo it...lol

I'll do this again when we get to perimeter, so they can find the perimeter of the words. But we're not there yet.

And one of the other centers I wanted to share with you was a great find! It's from Michelle, over at Teach123 - it's her Arctic version of Read, Trace, Draw (check it out in my visual plans post)

I think I'm addicted to these now - haha! I might need them for all the "seasons."

and ONE last thing!

I had such great "reviews" from my last video - on how to insert your name on a picture for your blog, that I am doing another one for something I get asked a lot. 

HOW do you resize your clip art on your products so it doesn't look like this....

or this....

poor kitty - sorry Ashley!
(but thank you for making such a CUTE kitty!)

So here it is, a quick video tutorial on how to resize clip art - there are few different tricks I show you, so check it out, and let me know what you think!

Re-sizing the clip art to keep it from "squishing."

Want to see more techy posts?? go check out my girl Katie's Linky party!


Rachel Lamb said...

You know I have bought things from top sellers with clip art squished like that and it makes me crazy! Maybe everyone will read it!!
And why didn't I get that rounding packet during our last swap!! I adore it!

Holly said...

Thanks for posting that...save cute clipart...don't squish it! ;)

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Lili said...

I love the tutorial, finally I can get my clipart properly :)
Where did you get your ABCs posters for the word wall??? Really cute, I would love to have the link. Thanks a lot for everytthing you share, it's awesome!!!!!

Jen R said...

Hi Lili! (Love your name! )
Those are actually from my beach theme classroom pack, here's the link.

Miss Squirrels said...

Again, great tutorial- Thank you for being an advocate for Un-Squished Clipart everywhere!


Going Nutty!


maierss said...

How do you get your words like that on your letter wall? A special font? That would come in handy for my SpEd students!

Nicole Heinlein said...

I bought that rounding pack for my teaching partner for Christmas! She absolutely loves it!
And thanks for the video - I didn't know that you could lock the ratio like that! So cool!
Teaching With Style

zputty said...

I have to thank you for your menu form - printed it yesterday and started using it. Very helpful and with two week increments, I can plan per pay period.

I also want to know where you get the words on your word wall.

If you have words that nearly everyone can spell or maybe words that aren't used that often maybe you could make a word wall in a binder that stays nearby? For the overflow words. Or the words could retire to student word journals if they have them.

Thanks for your stuff - it's one of the first blogs I open each day!


Unknown said...

Great tutorial! I'd love for you to link this up at my Tips and Tutorials page.


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