Tacky, penguins, and writing!

Just posted my new penguin unit!! What started out as a 10 little diddy JUST for me, ended up being 50 pages to share with y'all! lol

That happens.... a LOT, actually. :)

So here it is, my new "baby!"

There are TONS of things in this pack.

What I'm super excited about is the book writing part of the pack!! I've already got mine all copied off and ready to go (yes, I'm probably in the negative now in my copy numbers at school, but who cares... The kids LOVE doing these!

This pack is a great supplement to your penguin unit! It uses Tacky the Penguin books as well as non-fiction books to enhance your students' learning!

Describe Tacky - using adjectives; a tree map and a circle map
Story Structure - can be used for any book, includes SWBSF
A Table to compare Tacky books' story structure
Venn-diagrams with Writing extensions
Fiction/Non-fiction comparison
Compare/contrast assessments

Non-fiction section includes:
Lesson plans and book suggestions
research recording sheet
Label a penguin, with a guided drawing option

Student non-fiction writing book includes:
planning page
cover page (different options)
table of contents
what is a penguin
what penguins eat
penguin predators
penguin babies
about the author

*******Get it for the next 24 hours for 1/2 off!!*******

Click on the pictures below to grab your freebies from the unit!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the amazing stuff and well making me redo my lessons for the next two weeks! So excited!

Elisabeth said...

I love Tacky the Penguin! Cute unit!
Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

Rachel Lamb said...

too cute! I don't have time for penguins this year...sniffles. But this is on the wishlist for sure! I love penguins!

Unknown said...

Absolutely love this! It will be such a fantastic addition to my polar unit! Thanks so much!

Michelle Griffo said...



Jen R said...


Traci Clausen said...

I LOVE Tacky!!!

{50 pages?! You will always be Taz to me :P }

Kristy said...

I just went and downloaded it. Too bad I'm already doing a space theme this year. It is definitely on the long range plan for next year, though!
Teachin' First

Erin D - The Usual Mayhem said...

A great looking unit! Thanks for sharing - off to take a closer look.:)

Cindy L said...

We love Tacky. This is a great unit. Just bought it. I like how you put it on sale for a short time. Thanks for doing this for teachers who spend so much money for their classrooms. It is appreciated more than you know!


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