Currently September

Wowwy zowwy!!

It's September already!

WHERE does the time go??

I have been in school for 4 weeks now - with a BIG change coming this week for me.

I can't believe we've already had 20 days of school. yeesh!!

But right now, it's time to link up with Farley's montly Linky!!

Oh' boy fourth grade

What do I mean by more time!?!?!

SOOOO many things

I want more time with my mom (she's heading back to Colorado as we speak)

I want more time to plan and create and prepare for school

I want more time to blog and blog stalk

But more importantly, I want more time with my babies.

Yesterday was my baby girl's 3rd Birthday!!

If you missed my post yesterday, you might want to go check it out - there are some BIG announcements!!!

I usually give the "how-to" for linkies, BUT I want to let y'all know, I found an even BETTER way to do it - a short cut (on PC's)

1. Right click and copy her template
2. Open Power Point (or I use publisher) and insert (or paste) the image.
3. Create text-boxes and type in your answers.
4. Go to as...and in the dropdown box, choose JPEG as the format
5. Upload the image to your blog :)

Note - I know NOTHING about Macs, sorry!
BUT, last month, a sweet blogger, Meghan told me how she does it in a MAC...
Doing the currently on a Mac is pretty similar! I save the image, and then I open it in Pages [the Mac version of Word]. I add text boxes over it with my answers, then I take a screen shot [command/shift/4] & save. 


Lisa Denney said...

I can so relate to your desire for more time! My oldest is a Sophomore this year and started driving to truly seems like yesterday that we were celebrating his 3rd birthday. When older folks used to tell me to cherish every moment because it goes by so quickly I never could've imagined how right they were! Now I only have 3 more years before my baby goes to college...doesn't even seem possible!

Here's to more time with our babes!
Super Pig and Tyrant King

Unknown said...
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Becky said...

I love using Publisher!! That's how I create just about EVERYTHING! I need more time too.. just started my masters, school started back, and I'm pregnant.. so, of course all of those make me tired! haha

Unknown said...

I love three! Three was my favorite age for my children! Happy Birthday!!

Mrs. Howbert
Little Miss Organized

Christi said...

Ah... the beach. Now I'm stuck in a daydream. :)

Unknown said...

I can't believe its been 20 days for you!

I just had day one! Im tired!

Ms. Rachel
Ms. Rachel’s Room

Unknown said...

I can't believe its been 20 days for you!

I just had day one! Im tired!

Ms. Rachel
Ms. Rachel’s Room

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