Dinosaurs and a math Freebie!

Hey y'all...

can I tell you??

What a WEEK this has been!

On Monday, we "got" Isaac....

just lots of rain...we still had school, but this was our playground for the whole week...thankfully, there's a "wooded" area that we could let our kids run around in...

and my heart goes out to all the people who were actually hit by Isaac!!

But this lack of playground doesn't even PALE in comparison to my sickness this week....I have been dealing with a sore throat, bronchitis (I've had chronic bronchitis my whole life so when I get sick, it comes back), and laryngitis...I've had NO voice all week...

THEN....I woke up Thursday morning and my eyelashes were "glued" shut! I couldn't open my eyes!

I had pink eye...in both eyes.


I blame B...she did it to me...lol....she "clawed" me in one of my eyes and who KNOWS what's in her nails...so I got the "bacterial" form of pink eye - so after I started meds, I wasn't contagious or anything....

So I had to have a sub...

and NO OFFENSE to my sub friends out there (you know who you are!), but I LOATHE having subs in my rooms...despite my VERY WELL LAID OUT PLANS...almost a script, because they are so detailed... things rarely go as I had planned.sigh..

oh well. 

This week was so washed anyway.

Tuesday we had an assembly at the end of the day to promote our fundraiser and Wednesday we had early release so we could analyze our ORFs...did you see that post

BUT we started our Dinosaur unit!

Last weekend, A and I made the dinosaur egg....

we had fun paper mache-ing...

Then it hatched at work and scared my dear team mate -- haha!! LOVE this girl.

But before it hatched...we did a little inferring....with some clues..
ummmm....my next science lesson??? 
Which animals hatch from an egg an which are live birth...lol

(this is one of the activities from Deanna's Dinosaur unit! )

Then they've been working on my Dinosaur Math Centers...

We will be finishing up our dino unit next week...it's a short week...because of Labor Day....BUT, the big change is coming next week too...so it'll be even shorter time with these kiddos.

I'm kind of sad.  I have come a long way with some of these kids.  With their behavior, anyway. And then I could start trying to get ALL FOURTEEN below grade level students to move their way up to become OGL.

Ok, I may have given too much away right there. Still can't tell you about the big change though, since it hasn't happened yet.


In math, we also played a game of Doubles Roll and Remove...

They cover up all the numbers, roll one die, double it, and then remove that sum.  click the pic to download a copy.

Ok....I think that's enough of a photo dump for ya for now...

BUT, I want to leave you with my new FAV picture of the week...

FOUR generations of women in my family!!! 
I just LOVE how my grandma is looking at B in this picture....and poor A...look how disheveled she looks - haha! But everyone in this pic is celebrating a birthday - this summer, we all had a birthday...(B had her 1/2 bday - ha!)


Ash said...

Love the dinosaur egg! Super cute!

And what a lovely picture of the women in your family!

Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

Miss P said...

I'm so sick this week, too! Figures, it came on suddenly and right before our 4-day weekend. I guess I'll be spending a lot of time blog-hopping this weekend. Hope you're feeling better, soon!

Jenna said...

Sorry to hear your sick! :)

Love the unit on dinosaurs!! :) How cool!!!

Just Diving In

Nicki said...

Oh my...I had pink eye as well this week---first week of school and yay it happened. But I ended up getting antibiotics like day one and not having to miss school--I don't know how a sub would've went over with it being the third day of school. Glad you are feeling better.

Lisa R. said...

Oh my gosh Jen, you have had a rough week!! I hope you are feeling better. I know it's rough having a sub the 1st week of school. A few of my teammates had to be out last week because of a stomach bug & it was only our 2nd week of school. Rest up!! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Miss Squirrels said...

Bleck- this is one of those weeks where I am glad we don't live close to each other (the only week actually)
tell your mom I said HI! (Haven't seen her pix since B was born:)

Going Nutty!


Erin Brown said...

I'm your newest follower! Seems like you have had a busy start to your school year already :)

Kristy said...

Your dinosaur math activities look like fun. I just added them to my wishlist on TpT! I hope you get some much needed rest this weekend and feel better!
Teachin' First

Unknown said...


I hope you are feeling better soon. The dinosaur unit looked wonderful!

~ Michael <><
The Color of Sound

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

Hmm I wonder what friend(s) you are talking about? Hehehe :) I'm in 4th grade tomorrow!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher
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