Tasty Fact - and beyond!

I FINALLY finished it!

I finally took ALLLLLL the quizzes I did when I taught 3rd (and 5th) grade and purrttied them up and made them into a pack...

In my class, I have been doing timed quizzes forever! My kids LOVE them because we set goals that they have to pass all the way through the end by a certain date and they get to "build" their ice cream sundae or pizza to earn their party! 

Here's what's included: 
-cover sheets for both multiplication and "beyond" 
-checklists to keep track of your students' success 
-2 different versions for each multiplication fact from 0-12 
-2 different versions for each beyond fact
- build your sundae templates 
-build your pizza templates 
- teacher tips 
-posters for bulletin boards
 - student examples 

 What's included in the "beyond" skills: 
squared, 100-, square root, cubed, changing percents to fractions, improper fractions, reducing fractions, equivalent fractions, finding fractions (what is 2/3 of 15), and multiplying fractions. 

 When I taught 3rd grade, I even started with addition and subtraction - 

check out my Addition and Subtraction Pack too!


Lisa R. said...

I think that this is the cutest idea!! I'm off to put your addition/subtraction tasty facts on my wish list!! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Kelley Cirrito said...

Love it Jen!!! But I always love everything you make!!

unknown said...

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