Guided Reading - All in One Sheet

More Guided Reading!

Are you sick of it yet??

I hope not!

There are still TWO more days!

(and then I'm going to show off some fun stuff we've been doing in class!)

Today's idea is a lot like my pamphlets I showed you on the linky post...

But instead of pamphlets, it's simpler.

Only one sheet.  It is in my Guided Reading Resource Pack {HERE}

(p.s...the original form of this sheet, I got YEARS ago when I took a workshop at our district. And as I was looking at the pictures, they were DJ INKERS!!! haha!! So funny, even back then...and do you know who I thought of??? That's RIGHT - YOU Miss TEENY (Kristin) and Patty, too!)

We do this for the story we read in small group. Before we begin, we start with a picture walk, Title and cover conversation, and a prediction.

Then I have them make an "I wonder" statement on the paper.

After they read it (however you want your kids to read it), we go through the book and pick out words that might follow a certain rule...or two...whether it's phonics or grammar (like suffixes).

THEN with those words, I have them use yellow, light green, light blue crayons and they "highlight" the letter(s) that follow that rule.
Such as...

"Highlight with the yellow crayon the letters that make the /ow/ sound in all the words"


"Highlight with the pink crayon all the words that have a suffix on them."

Again, some words might have more than one color in them because they have more than one skill in them.

THEN, we do evaluating and connecting with the book.

Now, this isn't all in one day.

Almost throughout the week we finish this.

And this doesn't include the comprehension part to it. 

But I hope this gives you another tool to use for your guided reading groups.

Make sure you go check out all the other link-ups! There are some great ones!

And I KNOW there are more on the way - 





I forgot!!!

It's my BIRTHDAY! know..I JUST had a birthday.

Sorry - it's my BLOGGY BIRTHDAY!


To celebrate, I'm giving a gift to you!!

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Thanks for hanging around with me for this past year - I have had SO much fun getting to know you, sharing what I have to offer, and LEARNING so much from all of you!! I truly am a better teacher because of all of you!!


Mrs. Davison said...

Comgrats and you are amazing! I love your blog and all that you share. I even bought the graphics you use at irrational arts! Ha! Thanks and Happy Birthday!

Lisa Mattes said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday!!! I'm having a blast tooling around your amazing site!!
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Unknown said...

Congrats!! =) Thank you for our wonderful resources!
Happy Birthday~~!!

Unknown said...

Happy Bloggy BDay! Thanks for the guided reading sheet :)

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Elyse said...

Happy Blog Birthday! And thanks for celebrating with a sale! I have had your Addition Strategies Set and your Dino Literacy Unit on my wishlist just waiting for a sale. :-)

Elyse @ My Life with a Cherry on Top

Mrs. Wathen said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday:)
You have been such an inspiration to follow this year!

The Resourceful Apple

luckeyfrog said...


Can't wait to use it with my 3rd graders, and then make an amped up one to follow up. :) I love ideas that are great for any grade level! (Almost!)


Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

learningmyself said...

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your hard work! Happy Biethday to you!!!! :) amy

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