Farm, Fall, Winners, and Linky!

Hey friends!!


What a day! I must say that my class is doing SOOO much better than they were in the beginning. I thought I was going to have to retire early. No joke.
But, they have been molded into wonderful little 2nd graders.
But it was the workshop that I presented at after work that got me - it was only supposed to be 15 minutes, but lasted about 45.

oh least I was helping those who wanted and needed the help, right?


I am ALMOST finished with my class's FAIR testing.

Seriously. 25 days into school and I'm STILL testing them!
I would REALLY like to start my small groups!

Although, I DID see one of my groups today - we did some fun phonics stuff.

They are my lowest group. 
My sweeties.

I think they are my favorites, actually.
We don't have favorites, of course.

I forgot to take pictures though. 


My bad...and that's not very good for my Guided Reading linky - is it? lol

I will say, that my kids are having so much fun with my On the Farm with Charlotte and Friends pack!

no - it's not up on TpT/TN yet...still adding/changing/fixing.
In fact, just added something this morning to it before the kids walked in - ha!

But I love it! This actually just started out as just an activity after watching a non-fiction book on Bookflix about how we get milk from cows....and it has just spiraled into this! lol LOVE when that happens. 
My kids are loving this theme- and no, we don't live in the country...I have never done a farm theme, and I don't know what prompted me to do one this time, but I'm sure glad I did!


when I'm finished with my Charlotte's Web/Farm unit, I will be moving into my FALL theme!

Although, it's silly. I live in Central (east coast) Florida - we don't HAVE Fall.

It's so hard to teach about the seasons here.

BUT, for the next few months, I am all set on some great centers!

It's not just for Fall..

She's got Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving ready to go in there!

I want to show you SOME pictures...because if I'd show you EVERYTHING in here, this would be the longest post in history...and it's already pretty long...ha!

For math she has four centers...

Here is the place value one - numbers four different ways!

And there are 3 different sets of sentence scrambles...

and each set has 8 sentences for the kids to unscramble...

And there are rhyming centers, 3 different sets....

And ABC order...3 different sets...

And Grammar sorts - FOUR different sets...

Whew! It's 147 pages of centers!

Before I go...

The THREE Random winners for my addition strategies pack are....

Meaghan McLaughlin


I will be emailing you soon!

ps...there are A LOT of Big Bang Theory Fans out there - I will have to watch one of those shows...
I'm a Glee fan - and the season premier was the other day - and I was out doing something...I come back to check if it's recording, and the hubs STOPPED my recording - what!?!? UGH!
Yes, I

And I really miss The Closer, so I try to watch it's spin-off...

And I love anything USA - Psych, White Collar, Covert Affairs..etc...

AND....don't forget to link up with my Linky!!

Ok - I must go...I have ice cream to eat - and shows to NOT watch since hubs is all into his Fantasy Football league and now must watch EVERY game. sigh....I mean, I like football, but only when it's my teams.

So tell me, how do YOU when over the remote?!?!


The Colorful Apple said...

I have to say that I felt the same way when school started! But things have started to settle down, thank goodness. And definitely watch Big Bang Theory - it's great!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Maria Eshman said...

I'm a GLEEK too!!! The first episode was good and a lot of new people! I'm also LOVING Covert Affairs!!! Do you watch Suits??? Love that one!
I teach one class of low guys and most of them are my favorites too!

Jenn Long said...

Oh my goodness! I'm dying to get my hands on your "On the Farm" unit! I'm reading Charlotte's Web with my kiddos now and they LOVE it!

A Pirates Life for Us

Storie said...

Wow - did I just see my name listed as a winner of your addition pack? Woo hoo! As for gaining control over the remote, we keep the peace by having two TVs.
Stories by Storie

Kristy said...

So glad to hear that I'm not the only one hooked on Covert Affairs!
Teachin' First

Nicolegnxa said...
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