It's Seuss Time




I still have a few more ideas, but I'm going to do those separately.

Dr. Seuss and Pirates really are my favorite themes to work, I have a lot of favorites, but these are so much fun! (Forget V-day! lol)

This unit is great for all different levels; I made a lot of the centers differentiated (ack! I used a teacher word! lol..pretty soon I'll say that they have rigor and relevance! lol)

Literacy Centers
~Nonsense Words going from cvc all the way up the continuum - something for everyone! You can mix them up if your kids are higher on the continuum,or I made 2 sheets of cvc if that is where you are with your kids
~Syllables - 1, 2, and 3 syllable words
~ Compare/Contrast with two different options, plus a writing extension...AND you can use the Venn Diagram or the Double Bubble

Math Centers
~Graphing - with the option of having a key where each picture = 2 or just 1, plus a writing extension
~Time to the hour and half hour
~Measurement - inches
~Patterns (+/- 1, 10, and 100)
~2-digit addition with and without regrouping
~greater than/less than with 3-digit numbers

Since this unit is a WHOPPING 83 pages, I'm sellin' her for $5.50 and each separate unit for $3.00....There are 12 centers total, that's A LOT of centers!!

And I'm SOOOOOOOO thankful to Michelle....

The 3AM Teacher

If you haven't yet, PLEASE go check her out!! She is AMAZING! 

But I wanted to share with you something we do a lot - but I had to add in my NEW CLIP ART! yay! lol go to my TpT store to grab it :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!  I have to admit that this is one holiday that I could skip altogether. It's never been one of my favorites, ESPECIALLY in the classroom. But my husband is glad for it so he doesn't have to buy me over-priced!

Ok, I'm off to blog stalk....I take a break for one day to finish my Dr.  Seuss unit and I have 90 posts to read! yeesh! lol


Kelley Cirrito said...

I am so excited you are done!! I will have to get on tonight and buy the math one!!! I also can't wait to check out her clip art. I think I will be buying that too! How much was that package?? I hope you have a great Valetines Day with the girls!!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

She's awesome right? I bought the clipart too! It's perfect and just what I was looking for! I'm so excited and I'm glad someone is as excited as me lol :)

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Anonymous said...

Interesting post, this was really useful. thanks!

Jennifer said...

Very Cute!!

The First Grade Dream

kinderpond said...

Love love love love love love love love Dr Seuss!!!!


Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

Thanks are awesome! I love what you did!


The 3AM Teacher

Julie said...

Love the Seuss stuff! I am your newest follower!

Miss S. said...

All night long it seems like where ever I have been stalking or leaving comments you have left the comment right before me! So I finally thought to myself, I need to go check out her blog because I keep seeing her name! So glad I did! Not only do I like your site, but I then went over to the 3am teacher and got some awesome fonts! Yeay!!!!
Im your newest follower and fan!
Have a great day:)

Miss S
Just Teaching...Kindergarten

Christina Bainbridge said...

Thanks for linking up to share your Seuss centers- they look great! Love the clipart you used!

Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

Anonymous said...

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