Main Idea and Details - Summary Writing

This week was a CRAZY week! If you follow me on Instagram, I shared a little bit about it... car accident on Tuesday and then a "finger" mishap on Friday. Let's just say, I'm glad this short week is D.O.N.E!! haha

PLUS, at school it was a little hectic. 

Tuesday, the day I was late, our school had some visitors come and watch some Kagan strategies we use in our classroom.  Wednesday was a short day, Thursday was class picture day (in the middle of our reading block) and Friday was the 100th day (which I will share some ideas in my next post!).... so, needless to say, we didn't get much accomplished this week. haha

I DID get a few days of small group in though! 

In a week of craziness, this part of my day is my sanity!!  You can read more about how I run my centers {HERE}.

These activities come from my {January Centers pack} - 

I have them for 1st and for 2nd and for all year.

Funny though - we started this round of centers on the 14th...and it's only a 5 day rotation - haha... so that means a crazy schedule prolonged it for 2 weeks!

For our whole groups reading, we did one of our Scholastic New magazines for the month - it was about how Arctic Animals survive the snow... perfect to wrap up our winter unit!

We figured out the main idea and then found supporting details in the article. This planning sheet comes from my {Writing with Rubrics and More - Winter Edition}.

They took their planning sheet and turned it into a paragraph. Oy. We will definitely be working more with this!  Then they used some of the directed drawings I have to illustrate one of the details they wrote about.

These writings are included in my Winter writing pack - here's what's included in each pack....

I have a bundle with all of the ones I've done so far - I'm working on the Spring edition now - hopefully to be added by the end of the week!


Unknown said...

I'm sorry about your hectic week! Your winter math centers look like a lot of fun, though!!

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