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So, I wanted to show you something that I am in LOVE with! 
It's the writing center packs from Denise, at Sunny Days. 

These printable journals are awesome! They come with so many prompts, I don't even need them all...I just pick out my favorite ones, copy them off for the month, and I'm done! I use them every morning. After our time is up, we do a "Walk About" in the room (I set the timer for about 2 minutes) so that everyone can read everyone's journal entry for that it's an easy way for me to quickly grade their writing. I got the idea from Lori over at Teaching with Love and Laughter - it's BRILLIANT!

Doing the Walk Abouts not only lets me quickly grade their writing...but it also lets me to informally assess if my kids need a mini-lesson to this entry from our February journals.... it was about compound words. Something that I was SURE they would remember and know. Wellllll, it turns out, they really DIDN'T know what a compound word was...blarg! 

So, I took the opportunity to do a quick mini-lesson on compound words. I took out my posters on compound words (the poster idea came from Cara!) I made an anchor chart and we listed a few compound words...and the poster is staying up for a little bit, so that every time we see or hear a compound word, we add to the poster. I'm hoping this will help them to get the idea of what a compound word is - again...because I KNOW first grade teaches compound words. ha!

Here is a preview of Denise's March writing the picture to take a look at it! We have already started working in the march one, and my kids LOVE doing them! They whine so much if I tell them we're not doing them that day. 

I just love doing writing every day! It really gets their brains thinking...and out of the box too! Do you do writing every day?? If so, what do you use - and how do you do it??  
No? Well, here's your chance to start!! Denise has graciously let me giveaway her March AND April writing bundles to one lucky winner!! Just enter below...and I'll choose a winner on Sunday night/Monday morning!
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stephf54 said...

that's the thing about having them generate their own compound words, they know what a compound word is but they don't know if words they're used to hearing together (like pocket chart)are two words or a compound. It took me a couple years to decide to stick with either compound word hunts in texts and matching type activities and maybe have as a challenge a chance to generate a couple on their own. Some of the words on your kiddos list are so cute!

Lili said...

I just love this giveaway!!!! I have already bought your Spelling Notebook, which is an awesome resource, and if I add this is going to be just amazing! Thanks a lot for the opportunity to win it!!!

Carrie Jones said...

Hi Jen, I love your blog design and the colors! Thank you for sharing that post. Now I am excited about Denise's writing packs as well! I will have to purchase them even if I am not the winner. It helps so much to hear ideas that get the kids and teachers energized! The big excitement in my class right now are the eagles at Berry College. Have you tuned in to the Eagle Cam? We just can't get enough of that cute little eaglet!! (Including on the weekends!) I decided to put together a booklet to record their observations and eagle facts so that I could capitalize on the students' excitement. We will do anything to get them writing!

Thank you again for the helpful post! I am a newish follower.

i {Heart} Second

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