Tasty Facts Celebration - Subtraction!

Last week, we had our celebration for our Subtraction Quizzes!!

Back in December, we celebrated with our Addition facts, check out that post {HERE}

It comes from my pack, Tasty Facts. These students have been working so hard and have passed their subtraction quizzes all the way through their 12s!  (Here are some previews I showed on THIS post. You can check out the post to learn more about how I do them!)

So we had our celebration day this week. We made nachos, turned on some KidzBop on Pandora (I have to use my phone and plug it into the sound system), and had some fun! It was so great seeing these kids be KIDS...and celebrate their success.

(The Gangum song came on and they all totally busted out the dance...it was SO cute!)

I'm kind of bummed that a few of the kids who had earned it weren't here this day. 

This day was also our Field Day, so we were all mostly wearing red, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take a fun class picture! This is such a good group of kids!

To find out more about my Tasty Facts, I explain a WHOLE bunch on THIS post!

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Kelley Cirrito said...

Looks like your students had a lot of fun! I love field day...since I am not at a building this year I think I might go and help out at our buildings when they have field day! I haven't been by your blog since you gave it a face lift and I LOVE it! Enjoy your weekend!

Jeannine said...

What a nice way to reward their effort and success! I'm sure they had the best time with the music, the food and all of your special touches!

Creative Lesson Cafe

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Math fact fluency is so important! Love your celebration! It's the best when we just let the kids have fun for a moment!

Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade

Mrs. Wheeler's TPT

BB. said...

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