Tasty Tuesday with Shamrock Shakes!

So, one of my new monthly traditions is going to be Tasty Tuesday! I posted about how I was going to try it for the first time this month in my post last weekend. I got the idea from Denise, at Sunny Days. Well, I already knew I was going to do Shamrock Shakes (I got THAT idea a few years ago from Castles and Crayons, and now it's an every year thing)

On Monday, the kids wrote out the recipe and the directions. Then on Tuesday we made it! Before they could eat it, I had to take their picture with it.  We also wrote our review on it. 

I decided to make a little book on it, gluing the recipe on the inside left and their review on the inside right. On the bottom of the page, their picture was glued. (Mine just has a picture of the shake)

Here is a student example....

Then they did the craft from Castles and Crayons 
(I added the title card - my only contribution to the project - ha!) 

 I stole a picture from her blog so you can see some of what I'll be using this week...even though it's not the recipe, you'll get the idea. But check out her posts on it {HERE}. I can't wait for next month's Tasty Tuesday! I'm excited to do it every month next year!

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