Rights and Responsibilities

So, I'm still battling this "trying not to get sick" thing I have going on...but I wanted to show you a quick little "ditty" that we did on rights, responsibilities and the constitution. ...

First, we watched a BrainPop video on rights and responsibilities. I mean, who doesn't love BrainPop!?

Then, we did a little flap book on some vocabulary (I might have added in some vocabulary words that were going to show up on our Social Studies test...lol)

And on the inside we defined and drew pictures....

THEN, we did a little interactive anchor chart on the Constitution, Laws, and Positive Contributions. The kids all drew pictures of what kind of rights they had...and what would happen if we didn't have laws, and what kind of positive contribution they could make to their community or country. 

Nothing majorly exciting, but it got the job done, and they know it! woo!

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