April Common Core Bundle!

It's done! It's uploaded! I'm finished! 

Whew! I finally finished that math pack... AND uploaded it....AND did the bundle...

Are you impressed!?  I am...with one week to spare before April! haha!

Each pack comes with different menus to use with your students, or just for you to plan! Since my centers need to be standard-aligned, when it comes time to write in my planbook, easy peasy!

 Here's what's included in the Literacy pack...

Word Work:
Compound Words
Proper Nouns
Making Words

Past Tense Verbs

Paragraph Sorting - Main Idea and Details
April Poem
Sight Words

Sentence Scramble
Quotation Marks
Be an Author

Spin-a-Word - Blends/Digraphs with Long Vowel/Silent E
Word Families -ook and -ool

Story Structure
Summarzing (SWBSF)
Summarizing with writing it out
Thematic Writing Paper
Problem and Solution
Evaluate the Story

And here's what's included for the Math centers.

Roll-a-Problem: Addition 2- and 3-digit Problems
Fact Families
Balancing Act: Addition and Subtraction
Word Problems

Place Value Bundles
Spin-a-Number: Adding 10s and 100s
Comparing 3-digit Numbers
Base Ten Numbers up to the Hundreds

Measurements - deciding which tool to use
Time (to 5 minutes and A.M./P.M.)
Money: adding and comparing
Graphing/Data collecting

Fraction Task Cards
Create a Picture: 2D shapes
Compare/Contrast Shapes
Fraction Grab Bag

Go take a look at my TpT store- they're on sale with all of my other Spring Packs for just a little while longer!

Want to see how I manage my centers?? Read about my literacy centers HERE and my Math centers HERE (although the way I do my math centers has changed just a little bit, but it still similar!)

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Frankie Durham said...

Already bought, but having trouble opening. Love all things Jen Ross!

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