March Common Core Centers and Math Small groups

This week, we've been back to our normal schedule! I'm DONE with testing.... my poor many tests all at once :(  Oh well, we do what we have to do, right?

Well, that means I'm able to find a few seconds in between small groups to check out how my kids are doing in their centers (and to take a few pictures!) We've been working really hard in my March Common Core Menu centers. 

Here are some Math pictures.... the shape within shapes (aka - Tangrams!) lol

Roll-a-Problem...addition AND Subtraction AND even/odd!

Balancing Equations...with 3 and 2 digit numbers and addition AND subtraction!

Data and Graphing...

Adding 10s and 100s

And what am I doing while all these centers are going on?? Why, small group instruction, of course! For this one, I had given an informal assessment on 3 digit addition and subtraction, with AND without regrouping, and I formed my groups that way.  We're using my Math with a Deck of Cards to workout some math problems. They always love working with a deck of cards! I don't actually have a template for my groups for math, because I just use my informal assessments during that day's activities to see who is struggling or who could go on further...and that's how I make my groups! It works for me :)

One of my kids said "Mrs. Ross, we're always in your pictures, you need to be in some too! Can I take a picture of you??" To which I replied...of COURSE! lol I LOVE being in pictures, but I'm always behind the camera...PLUS I can use this picture for my Evidence Binder. SWEET!

For my literacy centers, it's been a little harder to get pictures...

Possessive noun matching

Sight words graphing. I write the words on index cards, because I have a different set of words for some kids...differentiated instruction!

You can find all these activities in my March Common Core Bundle....

Each pack comes with 3 different menus to choose from....

Here are the activities included in the Literacy centers

Plus the Add-Ins!

Here are the Math centers for March...

I realize that we're halfway through with March...but good news!! I just posted my April Common Core Literacy Centers (math with be posted hopefully in another week or so!)

Here are the centers included for the Literacy Centers....

And even more Add-Ins!!

Check it out at my TpT store! It's on sale until Sunday!


Unknown said...

Holy smokes! These are such comprehensive packs! You've thought of everything!

I wish I could say we were finished with testing but we're just starting! We're hitting it hard these next few weeks. These are perfect for review and math stations so I can work with math groups!


Jen R said...

aw - thank you Linda! Although we might be finished...I feel SO bad for my kiddos - so much testing done at the same time! :(

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