Dr. Seuss Directed Drawings and Sweet Seat!

Happy Sunday! I bet y'all are all so wide-eyed and busy-tailed with the time change, right? haha!  Well, maybe you're saving THAT for tomorrow. I know I LOATHE the first week of time change in the Spring. It just KILLS me since I already get up at 5:00. I die. If you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know why...

I wanted to share with you one of my kids' favorite things to do. Directed Drawing! Ever since I saw Kelley's post on her Spooky Sentence Sketches, my kids have been addicted to it!

The other day, my friend Jennifer (Rowdy in First Grade) shared a link for some Dr. Seuss directed drawings. I instantly printed some up. I printed one copy of color and laminated them (hence the HORRIBLE glare - sorry about that!) and then made a few black and white copies of each page.

They turned out so cute! 

Here's the link to download the free printables for the directed drawings!

So, on Friday, I posted this picture on my Instagram. This is the Sweet Seat! Of course I sit it in it ALL the time, but it's also for my kids. I use it for them to do Show and Share but also we do Friday Sweet Seat Reading! Every Monday, I pick a student to read for us on Friday. They pick a book to practice reading all week to get better on fluency, rate, intonation, and accuracy (the main components of oral reading fluency!)

And LOOK! Yesterday I started on my April Common Core Literacy Menu Centers pack....

AND, I'm almost finished! woo!!!!  Do you see any skills that I'm missing that would be good for a review for 2nd grade??? Let me know! If I don't get them in this month, maybe next month??


Laura Scheunemann said...

Love the Sweet Seat idea, Jen. So easy to tie-in to other weekly events like Star/Child of the Week. I know the kids would like it and learn not just from their turn to read, but from listening to their peers. Thanks for sharing. :)

Elyse said...

What an awesome fast finishers activity! I will definitely be using these for the rest of March!

Melodee said...

how cute! I love the sweet seat idea!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Those directed drawings look so fun! We didn't do much for Dr. Seuss Day this year...too many snow days! Grr!

Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade

Mrs. Wheeler's TPT

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