10 Frames Math Games

I wanted to show you one of my new favorite little centers to use. It's the Ten Frame Match Games from EAI Education. I got these match games because I thought they would be a great review for my lower kids...but they are so much more!

There are 8 different levels.  
• How Many?
• What is Ten More?
• What is Ten Less?
• Ten Less / Ten More Review
• Plus 8 / Minus 8
• Plus 9 / Minus 9
• Plus 8 / Minus 8, Plus 9 / Minus 9 Review
• Ten Frame Review

We started out with just matching numbers to 10 frames.

Then moved to 10 more...

and 10 less...

Then there was one that was a combination of 10 more, 10 less.

Then there were games to add and subtract 8 and 9, which I thought would be easy...but I really had to teach my kids to visualizing subtracting 10 and then adding 2 or 1. It was a real eye opener!

I am so excited that I have these to start the school year off with next year...that way we can start it off right away using 10 Frames! I really think that when kids can visualize math problems with the 10 frames, it really does help with their number sense!

I also have this book that I love using...

It has a lot of great activities to use with teaching 10 frames! 

The best part? If you order $30 or more, you can use this code below to get FREE SHIPPING!!


Melodee said...

how fun! those look so cool! love that you are already thinking about NEXT year!

Irene Jennings said...

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grace crawford said...

Can't wait to use this with my second graders! Thanks a lot!
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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Natalia Boss said...

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